Conversational Structures I

Michael W Suman

Conversational Structures I

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Michael W Suman

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted July 6, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

This review is for CS 145 (American Sitcom).

This class was a torture! The books assigned for this class are written by Feminists who are gender studies majors from who knows where. Instead of concentrating on Civil Rights movement and all related things of 60s-90s, these "authors" are taking their time to talk about Sexual life of women, female empowerment, many chapters about gays, and other irrelevant things. In one example, they devoted entire section to Sex and the City saying that it 100% reflects on female desires of today. Yeah right. In another instance, they do voted several chapters to talk about Gay culture in American sitcom. The worst part is that half of the midterm and the final are based on these books and ask for a specific answer: "What does Will's kissing of Grace tells you?" Note that Will is gay. It is not a written book but a compilation of different articles written in different styles and sometimes contradicting each other.

As for the TA, Juanita is an animal. She literally took off a point from every section of my essay and said that it had a bad structure. Really? Structure is one out of five criteria, each worth 5 points.

In conclusion it was a complete torture, unless you are fascinated about Sitcoms, feminism, gay culture, and learning about something that will not be useful in your life! Sum an seems to be a nice guy, but the subject stinks and grading is horrible and biased - check his grade distributions and you will see.

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