Advanced Honors Seminars

Nenita P Domingo

Advanced Honors Seminars

Southeast Asian Studies department

Nenita P Domingo

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Actually, I took a Filipino lit class with Tita (Bruinwalk doesn't give a selection for the correct course number) in Fall 2007. I agree with the previous post. I never got full marks on any single paper, even after the rewrites. But Domingo/Tita give props for the good points in your essays; she obviously reads each one scrupulously. Most people get A's in her class, but idk if she ever gives A+'s. There was a piano-playing guy in my class who was pretty sharp at discussions and fluent at Tagalog bec he grew up in the Philippines, but even he did not get an A+ (neither did this other girl whose Tagalog Domingo said was "makinis" = smooth), I would think, because from the histogram, no one in the class did. I'm happy with my A, btw.

Tita is one of those people that keeps her knowledge current, it just shows that she researches about the lessons she gives. She graduated from University of the Philippines (the country's top school) and knew most of the writers of the readings we used in class from there.

Her class requires a bit of work, but discussions are very laid back. She's a nice person. We call her "Tita," both because it's her nickname and also it means "aunt" in Tagalog.

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