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Introduction to Historical Practice: Variable Topics in U.S. History See Full Profile

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Nicole Gilhuis was a great professor. She structured her class in a way that made each session, although being a few hours long, different and easy to sit through. Grading was based on 3 weekly reading reviews of your choosing, class participation, and then the final paper. What I really liked about her class was that the final paper grade was broken up into sections, for example a primary source analysis and outline. This made me start working on my paper ahead of time, instead of the last day, and also gave me cushion just in case my final grade was not good, because she graded them relatively easily. Discussion is necessary so make sure you speak up and do most of the readings so your not embarrassed by having nothing to add when placed in a group! Gilhuis helped me to be a better writer, but she did this in a gentle way that did not use the threat of harsh grading as motivation. She was engaging, welcoming, funny, and a cool professor I would take again if I could.

(Winter Quarter 2019)
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