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Overall 4.3
Easiness of class 4.0
Workload 3.5
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Clarity of professor 4.7
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Helpfulness of professor 4.7
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ENVIRON 10, taken Winter 2019 Submitted April 6, 2019 Grade Received: B

Environment 10, in my opinion, is not a great introductory course for those just getting into the Environmental Science major. The class was poorly organized, and I felt like there was just too much going on in the 10 weeks we had. The things we did in this class just didn't seem to mesh together very well. For example, some of us participated in optional Writing Workshops, as we thought they wouldn't be too bad. They were actually awful, and they ended up counting for our final grade, even though these workshops had nothing do to with environmental science. We also had a field trip, which was fine. Exams were super disorganized. For the midterm, we had 50 minutes to answer multiple choice questions and short answer questions. We then had to answer the multiple choice questions again in a group. We had 50 minutes for all of this, and it was just chaotic. Garrison does offer midterm extra credit, which was pretty cool. The first portion is taught by Professor Garrison, and was mostly about earth science, space, etc. Super boring stuff. The middle half was taught by Professor Smith, which was about biodiversity, conservation, etc. This was the most interesting part of the course to me. The last section of the course was taught by Professor Eagle, which was about climate change, the atmosphere, etc. This part was just okay. The class isn't terribly hard, but I wish it was organized a lot better.

ENVIRON 10, taken Winter 2019 Submitted April 1, 2019 Grade Received: A+

The first section of Env 10 is taught by Professor Garrison. It is a brief overview of Earth Sciences. Clicker participation is 8%; Repeatable reading quizzes are 8%; Final research paper is 15%; Lab is 24%; Midterm is 20%; Final is 25%. 70% of exams comes from individual multiple choice and free response sections. 30% of both the midterm and final comes from a group retake of the multiple choice portion. Some exam questions come from the reading. There is no curve, but extra credit was offered for attending a field trip.

ENVIRON 10, taken Winter 2018 Submitted March 23, 2019 Grade Received: NR

The class was taught mainly by professor Garrison, he was an engaging lecturer despite lecturing on pretty boring material. The second half was taught by professor Smith who taught on biodiversity and by professor eagle who lectured on climate change and the oceans. I wouldn't recommend taking this as a ge, since it does require a lot of reading, and 2 short writing assignments. I overall enjoyed the first half of the class more than I liked the second half. I really didnt like that it was taught by multiple professors but it was an overall doable class.
I'm selling the Environmental Geology book by Carla W. Montgomery 10th edition for $30, needed for professor Garrison's portion of the class. If interested text me at (323) 407-1927!

ENVIRON 10, taken Fall 2015 Submitted Feb. 17, 2016 Grade Received: A

Environ M10 is great with him and Prof. D'Auria. He's really funny and knowledgeable. Overall he's not so helpful but the merits should suffice.
His part of the course is slightly too fast-paced. He did cover two CHAPTERS in one class and the reading was overwhelming. However as he said, the class shouldn't be so easy. Therefore I really learned much and was genuinely interested, as a math major student.
His final is kind of hard but doable. Plus there's Rafaella's easy questions.
This is not a GE but I never regret it.

ENVIRON 10, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Dec. 18, 2016 Grade Received: A+

This was a fun class taught by Professor Garrison and Professor Paulson. There were a lot of relevant topics and the professors try really hard to tie most of it in with California or LA. Professor Garrison's lectures are fast paced so you do have to pay attention if you want to catch everything. He does post his slides, but the timing of this is unreliable.

Overall a very interesting professor and cool class.

ENVIRON 10, taken Fall 2017 Submitted Jan. 8, 2018 Grade Received: A

Taught by Professor Garrison for majority of the quarter, two weeks on conservation biology by Professor Tom Smith, and a few guest lectures throughout the quarter. Professor Garrison is very friendly and helpful in office hours, h is always willing to help. The class material wasn't the most interesting but he did a great job at always keeping the lectures engaging. Tom Smith was interesting, his lectures included a lot of information and stories from his time doing research in Africa, heavily in the Camaroon. If you are an environmental science major you will likely have to deal with Professor Garrison for many things in the future, so might as well get to know him.

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