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Overall 3.0
Easiness of class 5.0
Workload 3.5
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 2.8
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Helpfulness of professor 3.0
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LGBTQS 181, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Dec. 27, 2018 Grade Received: A

DO NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSOR. You will be confused throughout the quarter.

LGBTQS 181, taken Fall 2018 Submitted April 15, 2019 Grade Received: A

Great class and professor, probably the best class I've taken at UCLA. He was interested in class input, included informative films weekly, and gave a safe space for students to talk about how they related to the material personally and was very open with his personal experiences. Would recommend this class if it's ever offered again.

CHICANO 188, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Dec. 16, 2020 Grade Received: A+

Omar was the worst professor I have had in my three years at UCLA. He is the most unequipped, unprepared, and disorganized professor. I truly believe he does not have the readiness to be a professor. I was extremely excited to take this serving learning class and give back to my community and learn about organizing. Instead, I got a professor that canceled class frequently, went on rants, imposed his beliefs on students, and shammed students if they supported a certain political party or had certain religious beliefs. Omar did not follow the syllabus which is the contract he makes with students. You could ask me what I learned in this class and nothing would be related to what he points out in the syllabus. Lectures were a waste of time and instead of having midterms and finals, he gave us a movie to watch and respond to. I was never able to express how my service learning went and got placed on my site during week 6 of the quarter since he was extremely disorganized and unprepared. I felt very attacked during lectures and Omar made sure to impose his beliefs in every one of them. He bashed the Christian faith every chance he got. Saying microaggressions back in forth and could not stand other students deferring opinions. He once went on a rant that no students should ever donate to Christian organizations because all they try to do is convert people and abuse them, which I think is such a polarized belief. He wanted to impose witchcraft on all students (since it's what he practices) and his practices of self-care. We learned about his mental health problems, HIV positive, and the depression he was going through. Even though I believe these are important topics to talk about I do not feel this entire quarter and every lecture was the time and place, Omar made sure to make all lectures about that. Most of the time I felt I was coming to a class to hear complaining instead of learning. This class was an extreme joke and anyone could pass with an A+ with their eyes closed. Omar treated us like kindergarten and I am sure my 6th-grade brother gets harder assignments than I did this quarter. I really hope no other student experiences what I had to go through this quarter with this professor. I was deeply disappointed and hope he gets fired from teaching this class and instead get assigned to teaching Gender studies` since that is all he preached about all quarter. I feel like my education and experience at UCLA were cheated and if I could ask for a full refund I would.

CHICANO CM110, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 10, 2021 Grade Received: S

Omar + CM110 was absolutely one of the BEST decisions I've made during my time at UCLA. Wow. Where to even begin... I have never felt more validated, supported, encouraged in a class. Omar has done something that I've never experienced during my time in academia - and that is validate the fact that we are people first. This class has went above and beyond what anyone would expect of regular ole Western Anglo colonized academic culture. Not once did he make students feel inferior or sole listeners. Our input was welcomed at all times. This is the sort of class everyone needs to take in higher education. Especially at UCLA who screams diversity and inclusion. Omar has opened doors for me - mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You know when you finish high school or college and people in the after life ask you "So what'd you take away from that?" Certainly not the 2 years of French, Physics 10, or Geo 5, or Psych 120B.... but I can tell you about CM110 specifically with Profe Omar.... let me tell you all about it. This class dynamic is one that helped me through this quarter. My load for this quarter has been HEFTY, unexpected, uncertain, and very much stressful - BUT this class was the ONE thing that kept me on my feet. I looked forward to every lecture. Every single one. It felt like a break away from such a robot-like system that everyone else at UCLA is under. Though I am typing this during Week 10, I am truly not excited for the end of this journey with this course and professor. Omar is a gift to UCLA and only those who are open to what all that life brings will understand. You know, in life we are going to come across all kinds of people in different spaces whether it be at work, at school, on a plane, in another country, your uber driver, your in-laws... Everyone around you will not believe the same things as you, nor will they feel what you do about a certain topic... they may be on the other side of things, as a matter of fact. But that's life. And eventually everyone will come to terms with this truth. Everyone should. This is where empathy comes into play. Sometimes you just need to lend an ear, extract what you want, and move on. This is that class - one that tells all truth. One that does not judge. One where everyone feels welcome. Thank you Omar for giving me this experience. I will certainly take with me much... I wish Omar only the best. Anyone who gets to hear his word is fortunate. I hope you soar all over and go where people need your word.

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