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Easiness 2.7/ 5
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Winter 2022 - Logistics: The grading is based on a point system. -15 pts for High Order Bloom Q&A ; (W1 - W3, 5pts each. Make up a question and answer it based on Bloom's taxonomy) -100 pts Exam 1 & 100 pts Exam 2 ; (Done over Gradescope during class time, mix of short answers and multiple choice, open-note) -115 points for a case study disease project ; (Done throughout qtr. Make up a case study based on a disease that you get to pick) The class ended up being 100% online (Dr. Ali Pour was gracious enough to keep it that way because a lot of people weren't comfortable with in-person classes yet, which was nice). The lectures were recorded and attendance was not mandatory for both lecture and discussion. --- Review: Dr. Ali Pour was pretty nice throughout the quarter. As mentioned above, she kept the class online even after it was okay to return to in-person classes because we collectively asked for it. The TA, Duane, was also nice. But that was the only things I liked about this class. GRADING: The grading scale kinda sucks. If you're not a good test taker or you just have a bad day, you'll be punished for it. It's hard to come back if you do bad especially since there was only 1 extra credit opportunity at the end of the quarter (that was only worth 2 points lol). The TA can be nitpicky with grading too so you might get a couple points off for some things. EXAMS: The amount of time given for the exams was definitely not enough. They expect you to be able to answer the SAQs in a few sentences despite wording the question in a way that would require you to explain more. This eats up a lot of time (we were given ~1 1/2 hrs for 15 q's with subsections; originally it was only going to be 1hr 15min), especially because most of the questions were SAQs. I couldn't answer anything thoroughly and lost a lot of points. This wasn't a massive issue in Exam 1 but in Exam 2, she decided to put MORE SAQs... It was so dumb. Since the exams make up ~60% of your grade, if you fuck up on one of them, it's hard to get an A unless you do exceptionally well on the other one. Also, she says that she would ONLY test you on lecture content and that the textbook readings were "optional". This is extremely misleading. You need to read it and study it. It helps a lot. CASE STUDY PROJECT: You're grouped into 4's based on your Meyer-Brigg's results. The project is quarter-long but doesn't really take that much time to do thankfully. It consists of a report, a presentation, and a group eval. The requirements for this was pretty annoying though. They asked for a 3-pages maximum report with points deducted for every half-page over, despite requiring us to include SO much information and be "creative" with it. If you don't have all the parts in the report, you'll get docked. If you include everything but go over, you'll get docked. I don't understand how they expect a quality report with tight constraints but whatever. This does depend on the disease you pick though. As for the presentation, it's a 10min max presentation with another 10min for questions for each group. Be warned that the TA will ask you a couple questions (sometimes kind of bizarre and out-of-scope) so you'll have to know your disease pretty well. LECTURES: In her lectures, she has a list of learning objectives for every week. Know that she expects you to know all of them but she will NOT cover a quarter of them in her lectures. This is more evidence that you need to do the textbook readings to get some of the missing ones even though she, again, says it's "optional." I guess a "good student" would read them anyways but who has time for that? I certainly didn't and had so much other shit to do. Why would I waste time doing an "optional" reading? DISCUSSION: Discussion was not helpful because the TA only went over random case studies. A lot of people thought it was pretty useless. Was it interesting? Maybe, but I didn't bother wasting time going to section, especially since it wasn't mandatory. Overall, this class was wack as hell and I hated it. This quarter was a whole ass clown fiesta in general and this class didn't help.
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