Seminar: Genetics

Peter Nonacs

Seminar: Genetics

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology department

Peter Nonacs

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EEB 100-One of my favorite professors of all time here at UCLA. Yes he's hard, but his class was one of the most interesting EEB classes I've taken, especially in comparison to EEB 120 with Taylor that I took simultaneously with 100. Half of the test is true/false questions on lecture material, and course readings. The other half is short answers where he does expect you to not only regurgitate his lectures but really understand the different situations that happen in ecology, and how to apply them to new scenarios you haven't been taught. The True/False can be pretty tricky as the readings themselves are really long scientific journal (no textbook for this class). Be prepared to do a lot of reading and then rereading, but to also thoroughly enjoy Nonacs. He has a great sense of humor, is spontaneous and often does a ten minute segment called Ain't Nature Grand, where he talks about why he loves nature and interesting facts he will not test you on.

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