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Overall 4.7
Easiness of class 3.0
Workload 3.5
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.8
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 5.0
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MATH 170B, taken Winter 2016 Submitted March 24, 2016 Grade Received: B+

Rodriguez is amazing. He is extremely thorough, patient, and clear in his lectures, and makes more sense than the book does. He has a sense of humor, and he also has impeccable, beautiful handwriting, which is a plus in the math department. I highly recommend not missing lecture, and I would not be able to self-study for this class and still pass. Rodriguez is also extremely helpful during office hours, and willing to go over the homework (which is extremely difficult; definitely do not procrastinate on those problems). He holds extra office hours before every exam, including the final. His exams are difficult. You really have to understand the theory behind the problems. Overall, I enjoyed taking probability with Rodriguez even though I suffered through the class material, and i would definitely take another class with him given the chance.

MATH 170A, taken Winter 2016 Submitted March 25, 2016 Grade Received: A-

He is a good lecturer. He has clear and thorough lecture, and a beautiful handwriting!
The homework problems are hard, but that's not made by him. That's the problem set commonly used by the department. His exams look quite similar to homework problem, and there is no surprise in the exam. Try to understand the homework problem thoroughly and it should be sufficient to deal with exams.

One of the drawback is that I think he only gives 20% A and A-.

MATH 170B, taken Fall 2015 Submitted April 1, 2016 Grade Received: A+

Professor Rodriguez is one of the best professors I have met at UCLA. His lecture is clear. He explains everything well, and makes sure that you understand the material.
Math 170B is not an easy class, and the homework assignments can be challenging. I strongly suggest going to office hours. Professor Rodriguez is extremely helpful during office hours. Don't be afraid of asking him questions. Maybe your classmates have the same question as you do. Even though sometimes he may not give out the exact solution to homework problems, he will give you useful hints.
The midterms are not hard. As long as you go to the lecture and understand the homework problems, you are going be fine. The final is slightly harder, but is still reasonable since we have three hours to finish it.
Overall it was a great class.

MATH 170B, taken Winter 2017 Submitted Dec. 21, 2017 Grade Received: B

Pierre is the only professor at UCLA that I would genuinely recommend.

-awesome handwriting
- very clear lectures, writes down intermediate steps even if they are "easy" or "trivial", which is nice because some professors skip these steps and they can be key in learning the material
- easy to ask questions during lecture
-homeworks are difficult but do a very good job to prepare you for the exam. I highly recommend taking the time to complete and understand the homework's. He has an office hour the day before the homework is due, where he just goes over certain homework problems almost start to finish which I highly recommend attending.
- his exams were very fair and doable. Some questions were challenging, but nothing was out of the blue or felt impossible.
- he curves to about 30% A's, 30% B's

His class structure:
15% homework
15% first midterm
20% second midterm
50% final

15% homework
25% midterm you did better on
60% final

MATH 170B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted April 10, 2018 Grade Received: B

Very interesting and engaging class. The textbook is good for getting an initial understanding of the material, but the majority of the problems, solutions, and explanations in the book are not worthwhile. Ask the professor to show you. He assigns homework just about every week (I think we did not have hw for one week) and they are crucial to understanding the material. The tests are pretty challenging and you will not be able to do them if you do not attend lecture. Cannot stress this enough: attend lecture. He offers an extra office hour before each midterm and final. Overall the professor is very engaging and cares about you learning the material. I would recommend him greatly.

MATH 170A, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 19, 2018 Grade Received: A+

This review is for Math 170E, which is not listed. Regardless, Professor Rodriguez is a brilliant professor. Explains things quickly and clearly in an appropriate amount of detail (though a bit slow at the beginning of the class). Wastes no time taking waste-of-time questions from students, and writes fair but thought-provoking exams.

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