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Overall 2.2
Easiness of class 2.1
Workload 2.3
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 2.1
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 3.0
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MAT SCI 104, taken Spring 2020 Submitted July 3, 2020 Grade Received: B+

Ngl based on the reviews before taking this class, I thought this class was going to be a lot worse and the tests were going to be a lot harder. But I also will say that I studied A LOT for this class and I did slightly above average on all of the tests except one. The very first quiz I did horrible but did way better on all of the other exams, but as long as you get around the average which was about 70-75%, then you'll be okay because he curved the class up to a B+.

The lectures are very unhelpful and I ended up teaching myself everything from the textbook because he basically takes the graphs and all of the content from the textbook. I will say though that there were like a few questions on the exams that he only said in lecture, but it was really minor application stuff so that was annoying. I used youtube videos to study and those basically replaced me going to lecture because those were a lot more helpful and they explain it better than Professor Pei. Also my TA's were so unhelpful omg, one of them told me the wrong answers to the test multiple times when we were going over the answers for the test. Office hours are also very unhelpful, so make some friends in this class. Also, because he doesn't release the answers to the test but luckily my TA went over the answers in class, but again some of them were wrong. Do the homeworks though, because he takes some questions that were similar to those and uses them on the test. On the final and midterm you have more than enough time, but I felt on the quizzes you are definitely racing against the clock a little bit.

Overall, the class moves fast though because it's an intro to materials, but at least for some of the tests, you just need to know surface level stuff. The content can be really interesting, I just felt like you had to know a lot and then the tests doesn't test you on too much. Try not to take this class with him, try to take it with Gorsky, I heard he's better because this class was not easy and I developed so much anxiety in this class because him and the TA's are just so unhelpful and they don't really care about you. So, he doesn't assign that much work, but you definitely have to put in a lot of work outside of this class to do well (even though he told me that if I understood the lecture slides, I would be fine) and actually understand the concepts.

MAT SCI 104 Submitted June 19, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Pei has an accent, but it's not too bad. However, he teaches directly from powerpoint and has a really boring voice, so its really easy to fall asleep in lecture.

He sends out the powerpoint, so you don't have to attend lecture at all.

His tests focused a lot on the concepts instead of the problem solving, so make sure you read the book and take notes.

MAT SCI 104 Submitted July 1, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

his lecture have a lot of information but seems completely irrelevant to solving problems on the exam. His lecture is mostly theories, and he refuse to put up slides online, saying " it's all in the book, and if i put slides online, nobody will come to lecture" well it's true! his lecture is basically reading the book to you.
i found the TA is more helpful, one midterm i only study the midterm review notes from TA, and i got an A

MAT SCI 150, taken Winter 2017 Submitted March 28, 2017 Grade Received: A

Very helpful teacher. I fell asleep a few times in class because it's a 4pm class and I'm exhausted from 8am to 1pm class mondays and wednesdays and Professor Pei has a soothing voice . However, Prof. Pei is a clear lecturer, makes concise slides, and very friendly. I would recommend him as an excellent professor. I just wish his class was in the morning. One suggestion if Prof. Pei happens to read this is to have a suggested supplemental textbook/readings that go a little beyond the textbook. The textbook is accessible to all engineering majors and covers good foundation. A book that goes a bit beyond the scope of the class would be a nice addition.

Overall, great professor!

MAT SCI 150 Submitted March 21, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Outside the class, he is a friendly and nice prof. My suggestion is to sit in the front for every lecture time, since he speaks softly and it's easier to read his writings. Other than that, I think he is not a very effective lecturer. You have to memorize every single thing in his lecture notes. If you are not a person who likes memorizing, dont take this class.

MAT SCI 104 Submitted March 30, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

He has a strong accent and soft voice which sometimes makes the class quite boring. His lecture slides were not that helpful and I think you really need to read the book since there is just a lot of information and you basically have to memorize all of them. But he is nice during office hour. In terms of the tests, they are not that hard but he likes to tests on some very conceptual things that you wouldn't even know what those terms mean. If you could take Lan's, take her instead of him.

MAT SCI 150, taken Winter 2018 Submitted April 2, 2018 Grade Received: A-

Pei was not terrible, but I would not recommend this class unless you have a particular interest in polymers. The material is very dry and the exams are tough, focusing mainly on memorizing facts and trivia rather than applying methodology.

MAT SCI 150, taken Winter 2019 Submitted April 5, 2019 Grade Received: B+

Professor Pei was a nice guy, but a terrible lecturer. He went quite fast during class and spoke quietly, so if you wanted to get anything from his class, you needed to go to sit towards the front. Lectures were long and boring and his mellow voice made it difficult to stay awake. But if you ask him questions, he is quite helpful and can clear up concepts well. He might not be a good lecturer, but he knows his stuff and can answer any question you might have. His midterms were not overly difficult and were largely based on the slides, but there are usually one or two questions on there that aren't straight from the slides and were quite difficult. The book was awful. I have no words for how bad the textbook was - it not only glossed over difficult concepts by saying "I think that's enough, you get the point of chain transfer", but it also tried way too hard to relate to us and fell flat on its face. A better name for the textbook would be "Essentials of Trying to Relate to College Students but Can't". That being said, the textbook can be good for reinforcing concepts, but definitely not for learning them. The final was difficult as it was mostly based on electrical properties, which he rushed through in the final two lectures (he struggles to stay on schedule). The selling point for this class is that his curve is relatively generous (I believe he curves to a high B).

MAT SCI 104, taken Spring 2020 Submitted Dec. 7, 2020 Grade Received: B

The lectures are super dense and he just reads off the slides so it is super easy to fall asleep during class. The lectures and the tests don't match up so there are some random questions on the test that come from nowhere. I would study for hours and have the slides memorized and still do bad on the tests. Went to him for help outside of class and the only advice he could give was to study more. The best way to study is to just read the book and try to memorize as much of it as possible.
Try to take it with anyone but him or Yang Yang.

MAT SCI 150, taken Winter 2018 Submitted March 17, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

Very dry lectures, overly detailed tests. Did not learn much. Would not recommend.

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