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Overall 3.1
Easiness of class 2.1
Workload 1.7
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 2.7
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 2.8
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HIST 170D, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Oct. 28, 2021 Grade Received: I

Honestly, this professor is not equipped with the necessary tools to teach a upper div course. The weekly assignments he requires are unrealistic to properly complete. Furthermore, the prompts are filled with grammatical errors, confusion questions which lead to a mess trying to complete the weekly assignments. Also, the amount of analysis he requires is unrealistic when trying to fit in to a 500-700 word assignment. As a matter fact, it should not be called just a weekly assignment but instead, an ESSAY! His lectures are basically him reading or rephrasing the bullets on his slide. He often goes on tangets of random things which does not help.

HIST 170D, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Nov. 14, 2021 Grade Received: A

Bruh. He is a good researcher but not a good teacher. He just summarizes each week's reading and reads out PPT during the lecture. Each week's writing prompts are not clear enough to write, and his grading is not consistent. The worst thing is, every writing assignment is graded on a scale of 5, which means once you accidentally have 4/5, you essentially lost 1 point in your total grade. What is more, as a student with previous knowledge of 20th century China, I did not learn much new information from this class.

HIST 170D, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 21, 2021 Grade Received: A-

The information in somewhere detailed and manageable, but some were hard to understand to be honest. The Professor basically talking around his slides. I was having a hard in understanding his weekly assignment due to the confusion in his prompts. Yes, this class needed to write a lot, a lot. 500-750 words weekly, especially you have to put all the reading and lecture slides into a 750 word essay. The final was around 2500 but he changed the upper limit to 3000, about 9-10 pages. Overall, class was decent, would recommended his class because it provided a lot of different prespective in how we see China and it might gave us more critical thinking in approaching global problems.

HIST 170A, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 16, 2021 Grade Received: B

Doctor Wong's class involves attending lecture where he rambles off random topics that do not correlate to the class and then writing 500-750 word papers per week and a 7-10 page final. But he prompts for these papers are jumbles, do not make sense, and often you do not know what you are answering since the lecture was tangents and you do not know what is course content and what is not. I never missed a lecture and received a B which is frustrating. It isn't worth it

HIST 170D, taken Fall 2017 Submitted April 29, 2018 Grade Received: A

Professor Wong's class was definitely challenging, but at the end of the day, I learned a lot about China pre-Communist and during the Mao era that I had never heard about growing up. My tip is to keep on schedule with the reading because it makes the material in class ten times easier (and take notes while reading them!) and also helps a lot with the five short essay tests that we had to do over the course. There's two group essays and the grade really depends on your luck with the group/how well you prepared yourself (in general, the class was pretty good at contributing...) and there's no real final, just a final long essay quiz. Everything on the essay quizzes in class are in the reading/lecture, so keep it organized, and all of them are open book (so ORGANIZE!) and he usually gives us the topic a week to two hours before so you have some time to prepare. He's a good professor, really knows his stuff, can be a little dry, but at the end of the day, I quite enjoyed taking this class. It's not an easy A but if you want a very informative class, take him.

HIST 170D, taken Spring 2020 Submitted July 3, 2020 Grade Received: A

Professor Wong is a very knowledgeable teacher. His lectures often go far beyond the allotted class time, and you could really tell that the quarter system compresses the material too much.

His lectures are not intuitively organized. He tends to insert his own analysis while introducing a topic rather than afterwards, which makes understanding the sequence of events more confusing than it should be.

However, he makes up for this by offering many discussion sessions to clear up any misunderstandings. He gives very thorough answers to any questions you may have.

Good writing ability is a must. Each week requires a 500-750 word response to a writing prompt. Most notably, your composition skills are a factor in how he grades, so rambling will cost you even if you feel like you answered the question. Treat each writing assignment like an essay.

You will have to read a lot. However, you can skim through the readings if you understand the lecture well enough. The reading material is only used for citations in the weekly writings.

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