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THEATER 14C, taken Spring 2018 Submitted July 16, 2018 Grade Received: A-

I would say that I didn't mind this class as much as everybody else because I didn't care to learn as much as they did. This class was more awful for them because they spent most of their nights wondering what the weekly assignments meant, and then getting a low grade on the homework, which was worth 40% of the class. Attendance is also a big chunk of this class just like all TFT classes. This class was even worse for actual costume designers because they felt as though the students with different TFT tracks would have less respect for them because the TFT students had low respect of the class. The class is 3 hours every Tuesday, so at least you don't have to go more than once, but it's extremely difficult to fill in the time gap with stimulating information if most of society today has the attention span of a donut. The majority of the class is filled in with either lectures, lectures with slides, or having other students volunteer to lecture. There was one day in particular that I found useful, which was the MAC Makeup Tutorial day, but that was mainly because we received a lot of MAC Makeup Kits and Accessories for free. I feel like if the tutorial was projected so everyone could see what was going on, then it would have been better than not being able to see what was going on (the application of makeup required small movements). There is one midterm that occurs in 8th week, but there's not really a way to study for it because a study guide isn't given and the exam is all written response. It covers mostly vocab that gets briefly talked about in lecture, so keep your ears open. It also covers different processes of costume design, but some of the questions are abstract and just require an opinion. You'll try to take notes, but then realize that none of them will help because anything talked about in class can be on that midterm. If you try to email the instructor, she generally never responds, so be sure to email the TA if you have any questions. The final in the class is 6 costume design sketches by hand, but you only have a week to do it, so get started early if you're a bad drawer like me. We had the chance to do 2 extra credit sketches for different scenes, so it probably helped me. This class was not my favorite out of all the design classes we had to take during freshman year. I will say that if you go in with an open mind, you will have an easier time adjusting to all the disorganization. If you go in believing you will learn about costume design, you will come out having learned a bunch of abstract thoughts on art, but not necessarily costume design. I wish you luck. I also got an A- by the way. Surprisingly, this was the toughest class I had in my 20 unit schedule.

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