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Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 3.1 Workload 2.6 Clarity 3.8 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

I took this class online during summer session A and I felt this class was harder than expected. The exams were timed and closed note and I felt very rushed during them. All of the lectures were pre-recorded which was nice but it definitely went very fast. The labs were time consuming and tedious but that seems to be a trend with the physics 5 series online labs. There is no curve for grades above a C and a 95 was an A. He says that generally 20% of people get an A but he doesn't curve down. First midterm avg was an 88 and second was a 92. I didn't love Professor Waung but his class wasn't terrible.

(Summer Quarter 2020)
Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics See Full Profile

Overall 4.1 Easiness 1.9 Workload 1.9 Clarity 4.3 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

Waung teaches equations... and that's about it. He DOES NOT TEACH concepts, which unfortunately are what his exam test. I agree with the last reviewer who said his homework problems and class examples ARE NOTHING like what he gives on exams. In addition, the lecture examples even ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to do the homework!!!

Waung definitely got tougher this year, because I had many of his older exams, and let's just say those were a cakewalk compared to what he gave to us. I tested myself with those exams in the 50 minutes that you are alloted during tests, and I breezed by those rather easily... couldn't say the same for the actual tests Fall '01 quarter.

Lastly... the final was killer. Multiple concepts in one problem X 8 problems! We had a couple concepts that were not even given in class or homework problems of. In fact, there was one problem during the final in which I asked the TA proctoring the exam to clarify for me. His answer was to the like of "Don't bother with that one, just try do it if you have time".

If you want to go to his office hours, that's fine... that is if you are already in the top 5% of the class. When I went to one of his office hours to try and understand a concept on which I was completely lost, Waung made me look completely dumb in front of other people when he kept staring at me for an answer when I told him that I don't know the answer and that is why I came to him for help. Nice job...

He used to give lots of A's and may have gotten a bad rap for doing that, but giving less A's is fine as long as you still do a decent job of preparing students for your exams... which obviously Waung failed to do so last quarter.

I could have done better had it not been for the 2nd Midterm in which the class average was 57/100 with a Standard Deviation of 22! I've never seen a test where the SD is 20% of the points on the test! All that shows was a bad job of making a test.

I guess if you want to do well in his class, you just have to deal with all this and study very hard every little concept because anything is game for his tests. I did and I got a B+.

(March 19, 2002)
Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Waves, Electricity, and Magnetism See Full Profile

Overall 4.3 Easiness 2.1 Workload 1.9 Clarity 4.6 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

He is an amazing professor. He is a professor who genuinely find joy in teaching. He hosts multiple office hours, including "happy hours" to help students to hone their understandings. I highly recommend anyone to take his course. He has abundant knowledge in the physics and he displays that through his structured lectures.

(Sept. 21, 2012)
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