Workshop in Integral Calculus

Robert F. Brown

Workshop in Integral Calculus

Mathematics department

Robert F. Brown

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Easiness of class 2.1
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Clarity of professor 4.4
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Helpfulness of professor 4.4


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I took Professor Brown's 31B in Winter.

About lectures

He closely follows the book and does tons of examples in class. However, he goes over definitions very fast, so it would really be helpful to do previews. He will sometimes post challenging problems, some of which may appear in the final, so be sure to understand those challenging problems!

About availability

Professor Brown is really kind and available. You can not only reach him by email but also additional office hours. He will add extra office hours right before the test, so it may be a good way to boost your exam scores.

About homework and quizzes

Professor Brown has quizzes every week, but all the quiz problems come from your homework. If you do the homework and check the answers, you will be fine. He does this to make his students keep up with the course.

About exams

I know people say his tests are hard, but in my opinion his tests are not "hard" but "awkward." His first 31B exam has a problem of 31A concept. If you didn't take his 31A course, you probably won't even think about doing that problem with 31A concept.

I have to say all his tests are very, very easy, but the median scores are around 65-75.

About grades

Professor Brown said he will give the first 50% students a grade B- or better, so we thought he would curve the class as other Professors do: 25% As and 25% Bs. However, to get an A, you have to get 94% or higher for the total score. Keep in mind the median is around 65-75.

You can tell from the grade distribution above.

About topics

Professor Brown does not cover trigonometric substitution, which you will eventually use in 32B. Everything else is fine since he mostly follows the syllabus in department's website.

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