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ART HIS 31, taken Winter 2019 Submitted Dec. 20, 2019 Grade Received: A+

I really liked this GE and I am not usually one who is interested in Art History. I enjoyed the format of the class since Professor Brown focused on only one major "site" per lecture and so we were given an in-depth review about a single piece of art/architecture rather than having to memorize a bunch of small details about a variety of different pieces of artwork. Tests are in short-answer and essay format but Professor Brown gave us a general list on what the possible prompts for all the test questions might be so it was relatively easy to study for. During the class, my TA got sick and had to step out and Professor Brown filled in and he's really just a sweet old guy. Unfortunately, he himself became ill so we had guest lecturers come in for the final two weeks but honestly I was impressed with how well the two new lecturers incorporated themselves into the class. While I still preferred Professor Brown, their lectures were still fairly engaging so I commend the Art History program for being able to adjust so quickly and still deliver quality education.

ART HIS 31, taken Winter 2019 Submitted Sept. 15, 2019 Grade Received: A

I loved this class probably because I genuinely enjoy art history. I could see why he'd be a bit of a dry lecturer if you didn't actually like the subject material. But if you pay attention to his lectures and take good notes, you'll do well on the exams! Speaking of which, I recommend recording his lectures as they're not podcasted, and the midterms are strongly lecture-based. TA sections help. Ultimately, they're the ones that grade your exams, so make sure you go to their office hours for questions. He also gives out a list of essay questions, some of which will be on the exam!

There also was a fun EC assignment where students could go to LACMA and answer a few questions.

Towards the end of the class, Professor Brown fell sick, and wasn't able to come to the lectures anymore. The new lecturer was meh. I don't know if he reads these, but I hope you're doing okay, Professor!!

ART HIS 31, taken Winter 2019 Submitted May 9, 2019 Grade Received: A

This class was fun! Dr. Brown is an excellent, entertaining professor. He told us stories about each piece. He was also very clear on explaining the importance and context of each site we covered. In addition, he provides us lecture notes which were extremely useful for the midterm and final. Nothing on the midterm and final was surprising. We were given ample preparation with study guides and reinforcement in our discussion sections. The 3-5 page paper we had to write was also very fair, and based on the LACMA art exhibit. I would highly recommend this class if you want an interesting GE that is not too much stress. Unfortunately, Dr. Brown had to leave for a medical emergency in the middle of the quarter, so it was not as good in the end with the various fill-in lecturers.

ART HIS 31, taken Spring 2017 Submitted March 27, 2019 Grade Received: A+

I ADORED this class! I'm a south campus major who hates writing, but this class was painless. The professor is fairly interesting, but personally I loved this class because I really liked the material. You definitely have an advantage if you are Southeast Asian, just because it's easier to remember names/details.

Midterm/Final: Both were super fair! The professor gives out a study guide, so if you can answer ALL of the questions/define all the terms on the guide in detail, you're golden for the exam. Some questions were word for word from the study guide. It's important to remember what the art is, when/where it's from, because during the test he projects an image of the art from class on the screen.

Attendance is pretty important imo. That's how you see the photos that can be asked. He posts lecture notes towards the end of the quarter if I remember right. Make sure to know everything in it.

Discussion was fine. My TA covered all the key concepts from class. There are quizzes, but they are pretty easy. All you need to do is pay attention during lecture/discussion to do fine.

For the paper, make sure you get your TA to skim through it once before you submit it. Also you get a free ticket to go to the LACMA to see the art you'll write about.

Course not listed Submitted April 2, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

he is an excellent lecturer. I never took an art history course, and i ended up loving this class. Just go to lecture and listen to him and go to discussion. Grading is just midterm, essay, final, and discussion, and your grade totally depends on if your TA likes what you wrote or not.

ART HIS 56A Submitted March 30, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Easy GE class! Straightforward!

Got an A! Need coursereader to write paper though!

Selling coursereader: text 818 919 0379 if interested!

ART HIS 114F Submitted April 5, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Had him for 114F. All we need to do was to write 6 3-page papers. Ended up with an A.

Selling coursereader for $40. Message if interested. 310-210-0580.

ART HIS 56A Submitted Dec. 18, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

I have yet to come across a professor as nice and fair as Professor Brown in my entire time at UCLA. While the course reader was dense, expensive, and rather useless, he makes it extremely easy to get an A in the class with his lecture notes (especially useful when you tend to not go to class). They're 25 dollars and you can pick them up in Ackerman. He takes the time to meet with his students and make their lives easier. He even listened to my entire section's complaints about the harsh grading of the TA (who he spoke to and again made our lives easier). On the whole, this class is a dream come true. You read the professor's notes (think spark notes), you get the essay questions for the midterm and final in advance, and the lectures are not totally boring (Professor Brown is a funny one).

ART HIS 56A Submitted Nov. 18, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

This is the BEST and last GE class that I have ever taken at UCLA. Professor Brown is so interesting and when he lectures it is pretty easy to follow. All you have to do is go and pay attention to lectures. I would also suggest buying his lecture notes and reading the material because it all ties in with the material in lecture, discussion and midterm/final. His midterms are very reasonable since he doesn't try to trick you unlike a lot of professors. Also we didn't have to memorize a lot of slides and the midterm and final are essays. I feel like I actually learned and remember a lot of information that I probably won't forget. I HIGHLY recommend this class.

ART HIS 56A Submitted June 15, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Easy GE.
Professor Brown was very interesting and funny, and I really enjoyed the class.
I'm selling the course reader for anyone taking the class Fall 2015. It's in perfect condition! It was around $60 at the store, but I'll sell it for $30 :)
email me at if interested.

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