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Introductory Microbiology See Full Profile

Overall 2.9 Easiness 1.6 Workload 2.4 Clarity 2.6 Helpfulness 3.0

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Gunsalus is a bit of a drag. He's just an old man who seems like he's only teaching because he kinda has to. His own personal research is on the carbon cycle, so he LOVES to test over the biogeochemical cycles in the exams, which may not be as heavily covered if you were to take this class with another professor. And honestly, learning about sewer sludge extensively is B.O.R.I.N.G. But he loves it.
He's a pretty dry lecturer and just reads off the slides honestly. But he's really nice when you go to office hours and isn't intimidating or rude at all. So in that regard I liked him. But if I could take the class again with a different professor, I DEFINITELY would.

(Winter Quarter 2016)
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