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Overall 5.0
Easiness of class 3.5
Workload 2.5
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Clarity of professor 5.0
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Helpfulness of professor 5.0
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SPAN 3, taken Summer 2020 Submitted Aug. 10, 2020 Grade Received: A

If you have a chance to take SPAN 3 with Roxanna, do it! She is the best! Roxanna made sure to review concepts from SPAN 1 and SPAN 2 that some of us have forgotten, considering the last time that some of us took Spanish was in middle or high school. Before every test, she offered rubrics to highlight exactly what she was looking for, and in the beginning of the class, she put together a calendar, which made class easier to follow through. At first, I was so scared to take this class, because personally, I haven't been in a Spanish class since high school and now I'm going to be a junior in college, but Roxanna made the class go by smoothly. I am so happy I chose to take it with her. In addition, Roxanna gives a variety of activities from listening, writing, speaking, and etc. to make sure you are ready for all parts of the midterm and final. If you want to speak about your grade after, she gives thorough explanations during office hours to help you do better the next time. Overall, I would highly recommend this class and I hope you appreciate her as much as I do, too!

SPAN 3, taken Spring 2021 Submitted June 24, 2021 Grade Received: A+

I would definitely recommend taking Spanish 3 with Roxanna! There is a decent amount of biweekly homework that gets assigned through an outside education provider (but I think this is the case for all Spanish 3 classes). Roxanna is a great teacher and overall seemed to really care about all of the students. As long as you're on-task and attend lectures, there's no reason why you can't succeed in this class.

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