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Overall 3.8
Easiness of class 3.2
Workload 3.0
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Clarity of professor 4.5
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ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Dec. 20, 2016 Grade Received: B

I took this class thinking it was going to be an easy A but it wasn't. I was deceived by the large percentage of people getting A's. I suppose they all memorized the information they were supposed to. I'm a south campus major, so I was more worried about learning math and chemistry than memorizing the dates, cities, names, and artists of 50 ancient sculptures. It's unfortunate that this is how you are graded, because otherwise I would have enjoyed the class. Professor KQ is nice and funny. But if you are hoping for an easy GE that allows you to focus on your more important classes, look elsewhere.

ART HIS 118C Submitted Dec. 4, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Professor KQ is extremely knowledgable. I took 118C w/ her. She talks really fast and sometimes really low so you'll def need to type notes and possibly also record. She's really funny and knows what she's talking about. Her midterm was pretty straight forward: memorizing slides and writing essays. But she is an extremely tough grader. She expects you to write a lot of clearly thought out information in a very little amount of time. Kind of seems unfair that she expects us to recite everything that she's said in class during the midterm, but she's constantly looking at notes when she lectures us.

Book hasn't been necessary. Doesn't ask to see if you've done the reading. One in class midterm, one research paper, and one take home final. You'll have to go to class and it won't be the easiest A, but you can definitely say you learned something when you leave her class.

ART HIS 50 Submitted June 20, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

DON'T TAKE THIS CLASS! Dr. Kennedy-Quigley cares about what she's teaching. But she talks fast and you'll have to write down all the information, so bring a laptop. Everything that comes out of her mouth will be on her tests. The first midterm we had to memorize 30 slides. You have to memorize the name,date, place, and information of each slide. She'll only test you on 7 though and you'll have to be super specific or you won't get a good grade.

There's a paper where you have to visit either the Getty museum or LACMA because she wants proof that you went.

Then the final you have to memorize 50 slides and she'll again only test you on 7 of them. Even if you memorize all of the slides you might memorize more information for one piece of art than another. And that'll will hurt your grade. I spend hours trying to memorize all of them and barely got a B for the class.

This is not an easy GE at all, especially when you have other more important classes to worry about.

ART HIS 50, taken Spring 2015 Submitted Jan. 3, 2017 Grade Received: N/A

Selling required text "Gardner's Art through the Ages" text me if interested at (323) 605-3741

ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Nov. 22, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

Professor K.Q. is very chill and knows her stuff! She cracks jokes and does interpretive dance every now and then which makes the class more fun and relatable. She explains the material clear enough, you make not need the textbook because her lectures are basically the textbook, just more detailed . Do take notes during lecture because her slides are just pictures with IDs. I really enjoyed the class overall, BUT there was one thing that annoyed me. She assigns weekly readings that are VERY BORING and LONG, it was always a pain to read them. Though you don't have to read every one she assigns, knowing what was said in the readings helps a lot during discussion and prepares you for the essays on the midterm, final, and museum paper. All in all, I would definitely recommend this GE to anyone, it's interesting and fun, but can be a occasionally bothersome.

ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Dec. 16, 2016 Grade Received: C-

This class was tough. Although lectures were interesting, you were expected to memorize virtually everything she says about 50 different pieces of art, just to be tested on 4 of them. Don't take if you're looking for an easy GE. Also don't buy the textbook, you don't need it.

ART HIS 50, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 10, 2017 Grade Received: A-

Selling a 15th Edition for Gardner's Art through the Ages, text me at (530) 941-0491 if you're interested.

ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 31, 2017 Grade Received: A+

This class was really fun, I took it as a GE with no history in ancient art but still found it really interesting. The textbook isn't necessary, but it helped me alot. It explained the background and history of all the pieces which was really good since I was really unfamiliar. I am selling the textbook at half the price since it was super expensive. Email me @ [email protected] if you're interested.

ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted June 18, 2017 Grade Received: A-

By far one of the best lecturers I've had at UCLA. Professor KQ is so passionate about art, that as a south major campus I couldnt help but find myself interested in the pieces she was discussing. In terms of work there is one paper, a midterm, and a final. The paper was graded easy, however the midterm and final can be a little overwhelming. My best advice would be to make a quizlet of the artwork and their basic ids as this is easy points on the essays. As for the actual essay portion I would recommend to WRITE A LOT. KQ goes in depth during lecture and merely reciting even half of that will get you a decent grade on the midterm. In short, take good notes during lecture , memorize ids, and study hard for the tests in order to succeed.

ART HIS 20, taken Fall 2016 Submitted June 27, 2017 Grade Received: A+

Engaging and funny teacher: while there is a lot to memorize and remember, Professor Kennedy-Quigley clearly cares about her subject matter. If you do not like ancient history though, perhaps not the best class for you.

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