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Overall 4.0
Easiness of class 3.0
Workload 3.0
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.7
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.3
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ASTR 3, taken Winter 2016 Submitted March 12, 2016 Grade Received: A-

I wish there had been a review for Mognet before I signed up for this class, so I'm doing it now for anyone considering it. If at all possible, I would recommend finding another teacher for Astro 3. I signed up because I needed to fulfill one last easy GE requirement, and it ended up taking more of my time than my actual major classes. I don't know how other teachers have structured this class, but reading 2-3 long chapters with online homework that can be 30-45 questions per week felt kind of ridiculous. I stopped going to class after first midterm, as all the time spent with my nose in the book basically made lecture pointless (and I still ended up getting an A on midterm 2). The labs were also totally unrelated. Basically, if you have to take Astro 3 with Mognet, do the reading as you do the homework, use the uploaded lectures as rough study guides, and try to hurry through the labs to save an hour in your day. For this quarter he said he wants to curve the average up to a B+, which will make a huge difference because most people are averaging low B's and C's right now.

Also, the textbook is too expensive. You can find a pdf copy of the whole thing if you Google "u-cursos pdf Comic Perspective" (it's from a Chilean university). The only tricky thing would be getting the code for the online homework, but I'm sure it's still less expensive than buying the whole package.

ASTR 3, taken Fall 2013 Submitted Jan. 16, 2017 Grade Received: A

Great, great professor. I took this class as a GE in my freshman year, and this has remained as one of the best classes at UCLA, looking back at my classes as a senior now.

I miss taking this class. I used to email the professor with questions, and he answered to all the questions with much care when he didn't even know my face. (Also, he extended the due date for a weekly assignment! Thank you so much professor!)

I remember that this class was sort of hard although the subject was very interesting and enjoyable. After the first midterm, I thought I did very well but got 76 or 78 something. Shocked, worked harder for the second midterm, got 92/96 or something. Final was hard. A few of the questions asked what were ~ (answer choices) if ~ (the questions) and if we were living in another planet. Final questions were creative and difficult. I walked out of the final room, feeling like I failed the exam.

The professor also gave extra credit (from which I only got 1 or 2 points haha). He was very gentle and clear during the lecture, although I didn't go to lectures much.. Therefore, I basically read all the textbook - studying would've been much easier if I went to his lectures! He is definitely my favorite professor although I only had him for a quarter. I would love to take his class again if I could. I'm very glad to see that he is still at UCLA.

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