Undergraduate Variable Topics Research Seminars: History -- Near East

Saul P Friedlander

Undergraduate Variable Topics Research Seminars: History -- Near East

History department

Saul P Friedlander

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Overall 3.8
Easiness of class 1.8
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Clarity of professor 3.8
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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted April 6, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

I did not enjoy this class at all, and it was below my expectations. Friedlander's lectures were dry, monotonous, and difficult to understand (probably because of the heavy accent). It was one of the worst history classes I have ever taken. It is also confusing,and the text is dense too.

Also, I wanted to ask for a regrade of my essay exams, at least to talk it over with him, but he said I had to contact my reader (who had graded it). Friedlander did not have the reader's contact info, so when finally got it from the department, I emailed his reader, and HE NEVER RESPONDED!!! I felt I did not have adequate support for even stuff liket hat.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted May 12, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I took Holocaust with Prof. Freidlander and found it to be one of the worst classes I have taken at UCLA. His lectures were dry and he would repeat himself over and over. Some of the information that he gave is is wrong and had he been current on new findings he would know this. He was highly disorganized and unable to follow a train of thought completely through. Don't take his misinformative jumbled class if you don't have to.

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