Principles of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Scott P Layne

Principles of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Epidemiology department

Scott P Layne

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So I took Epi of Infectious Diseases with Dr. Layne. It happens to be my field of interest so I liked the subject itself. There is no text book and the reading assignments he gives are optional and Im pretty sure everyone opted out of the reading. Basically he gives you very detailed sheets on the top 10 infectious diseases in the world (the ten that kill the most people annually). While he goes into a lot of bio, genetic details (he's a clinician by training and loves to bring it up) he doesn't test you on it. The only thing is there is only a final so study hard and you'll do fine. Im not a genius but I got an A and most of the people I spoke to also got A's. I thought he was a great professor he has a sort of dry sarcastic humor which I found hilarious but not everyone agreed. He is usually pretty busy but is happy to answer questions during the break, after/before class and he is great at replying to emails in a timely fashion. Note: He loves to name drop and mention all the cool stuff is working on. I didn't mind but some of the students found him a little arrogant. Overall though, great class, I would recommend it. Also you are only tested on what are on the sheets he gives you, so technically you don't really need to go to class. The final is not easy but its doable. Like I said just study hard. Make your own study sheets for all the diseases and memorize them. I thought it was going to be horrible having your whole grade based on one test but it turned out not be so bad, it was nice to not have to worry about another midterm.

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