Sharon Bays

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Easiness 2.2/ 5
Clarity 3.8/ 5
Workload 2.8/ 5
Helpfulness 3.8/ 5
Most Helpful Review
I took W10 in spring 2010 with Dr. Bays. She's pretty nice and generous with assignments and grades. My TA was Naaz Diwan, and you might definitely want to be in her discussion; she's pretty laid-back and extremely nice about... everything, really. I did probably the bare minimum work for the class-- I did keep up with the weekly readings as much as I could. The class lecture might have been pretty slow and dull and random with the content, but the readings were actually quite insightful. I would only volunteer to speak up in class because the minutes of silence could get really frustrating. I'm not a humanities major, but if I were one I'd feel compelled to take in as much information and input my own knowledge to the class. But anyway, definitely take W10 with Dr. Bays. She offers extra review sessions, which are pretty key to acing the midterm and final. I reviewed my notes ONCE for the final, the night right before, and got a 99/100. I studied some more (not too much at all) for the midterm and got a 98/100. It's really just basic understanding of the issues, memorization, regurgitation, and an ounce of BS-ing skills. She's pretty catty about attendance, though, and one morning I got up about 15 minutes late and my roommate decided to use the restroom first to take a shower in the morning, so I just decided to not go to class at all to avoid the death glare. I have a friend who took the same class with another professor and actually had an intensely stressful, overloaded-with-readings experience. You'll get a much more pleasant and easier time with Dr. Bays.
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