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Overall 4.5
Easiness of class 3.0
Workload 3.2
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.2
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Helpfulness of professor 4.0
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COM LIT 4DW Submitted June 25, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Sina is a great teacher. There was never a dull moment in class, and his discussions are always interesting. The questions he brings up in class are challenging; trust me, you will learn to think and speak differently by the end of taking his class. He's got a witty sense of humor and if you don't like to talk or participate, beware. You are going to be picked on! But seriously, I think that even if you aren't an avid reader or a big fan of Charles Dickens, he's the kind of teacher who will motivate you to become a better writer. Great class, I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in literature or wants to improve/expand writing skills.

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 13, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Sina is one of the coolest teachers I've had at UCLA. He's very funny and laid back, and he will always keep you interested in the books you read. From a kid who hates reading, he made English more than bearable and I definitely improved as a writer.

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 13, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Taking 4DW with Sina was great. He makes the class really interesting and interactive with the discussions. He is always able to give you feedback on your work through email or office hours. He is extremely helpful and definitely helped me improve my writing. During class he makes jokes and has fun while teaching so it makes the overall learning experience easier to handle.

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 13, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Two years after taking his class, I can still say that Sina has been one of my best/favorite teachers at UCLA. Every lecture is engaging and he adds an unique and interesting analysis to the assigned literature. Sina is incredibly helpful and pushes his students to become better writers. My own writing abilities improved beyond my expectations. If you take this class, you will actually learn important skills that will better your career as a student. I highly recommend his class to all bruins!

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 15, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Sina is one of the best instructors I've had in 2 years at UCLA. Each week, I looked forward to his engaging lectures and the lively, funny, and thought-provoking discussions that followed. Friendly and hilarious, Sina puts in the effort during lecture to make sure you feel comfortable with the material, and continuously encourages you to develop your skills as a writer and thinker. He's available via e-mail and office hours to address any concerns might have. He's also just cool to talk with. In fact, my conversations with him eventually made me want to switch my major to Comp Lit, a choice I'm really glad I made. Sina doesn't hesitate to push you to perform to the best of your ability, but he also supports you and believes in you along the way.

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 18, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

I hadn't taken an English class since high school and was dreading taking my Writing Two class. However, Sina's class put my fears to rest. The two hour class flew by with Sina's jokes and interesting discussions. When it came time for the first paper, we were encouraged to choose our own topics. This made writing the paper difficult, but also engaging since I was able to write on something I was interested in. But throughout the whole writing process Sina was there to help and offer feedback. Overall, I felt that I came out of this class a better writer.

COM LIT 4DW Submitted May 20, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

I had the pleasure of taking Sina's course last Spring. His class is one of my favorites I've taken in my last three years at UCLA. There are few professors who are as intelligent, articulate and funny as Sina. When he got in front of the class to discuss the books we were reading, it felt more like a conversation on the life and the literature. He is truly a global citizens and draws from a wealth of experience and knowledge to teach the class. Sina is the coolest TA I've had at UCLA and he's really easy to talk to. I always enjoyed going to his office hours and talking about anything at all. He's the kind of teacher who welcomes students into office hours to talk.

He is also an excellent teacher. He tries to dispel a lot of the cliched writing techniques you learned in high school to teach you to become a more direct and clear writer. The assignments he gives are also incredibly reasonable. We only has to write three papers throughout the duration of the course, a number far fewer than those taking other Comp Lit 4DW classes. Make sure to come to class regularly and stay on top of the reading otherwise its pretty difficult to participate in the discussions. That being said this class was the one I looked forward to most because each day I learned something each time we met.

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