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I took Poli Sci 149: American Political Geography with Hui.

I highly recommend Hui, for she is one of the most caring, dedicated professors at UCLA. She truly cared about student learning and was willing to help every student in any way possible to succeed in her class.

Our grade consisted of 4 homework assignments/policy briefs (15% each) and a final (40%). You definitely had to put reading time and effort into each paper, but she was more than happy to help you and give you hints. If you put the time in, you got a good grade. As for the final, the exam consisted of 5/10 identifications, 5/10 short answers and two essays about connecting themes and analyses of the course. If you went to class and paid attention and studied a bit for the final, it was very possible to do well in this course.

Overall, Iris Hui was an amazing professor. She was so fun to listen to in class, lectured on interesting topics and readings, and was 100% dedicated to her students. In the end, 80% of the students received a B+ or higher in the class. However, I think the students' success in the course was a direct result of how great a professor Hui was. Take her, you won't regret it!!

(June 27, 2012)
GEOG 495
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I took Poli Sci 170A with Hui.

She is a great professor. Highly recommended, very approachable.

Our grade consisted of weekly homework assignments, attendance/participation, a final presentation, and a final paper (12-15 pages). The paper by far carried the most weight. The homework was graded based on completion.

We learned how to use the statistical package R, and while data analysis is by nature a very dry subject (and sometimes so frustrating), she did explain concepts very clearly and she has a sense of humor that pops out every now and then. She prepared us very well for the paper and she was so helpful during office hours.

Iris Hui is a great professor who cares about teaching and I really feel like I learned something useful in this class.

(June 22, 2012)
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