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AF AMER 188A, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 10, 2021 Grade Received: A+

Prof. Odinga is easily one of the best professors at UCLA - and as a senior, I don't say that lightly. His knowledge of the material coupled with his genuine desire to make the classroom a space that encouraged generative discussion is unmatched. He respected our time by never subjecting us to meaningless busy work, but instead assigned essays and readings that were topical and exciting (1 optional presentation but you could opt to submit a written version; 1 midterm essay; 1 final essay). The feedback he provided for graded materials was constructive and his lectures were always thought-provoking. Super understanding + never infantilized us, granted extensions, flexible office hours, no group projects, no excessive breakout rooms.

He understood that education, especially one that requires millions of young people to go into debt, is not meant to be a penalizing experience. If I weren't graduating, I would seek his courses every quarter because it's rare to come across a professor that can balance their expectations, esteemed lectures, and engaging class discussion with empathy - especially at a research institution like UCLA where too many professors operate with archaic and misanthropic policies.

He is the standard by which *all* UCLA professors ought to be measured against. This review does not do his approach to teaching justice but if you're thinking about taking this class, you should've enrolled by now! 15/10.

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