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PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2017 Submitted Dec. 24, 2017 Grade Received: A

Schein was an awesome professor! It’s clear he’s an expert (MD/PHD), especially with vision. The material is super interesting too.

What I did to get an A:
Go to lecture (but really, only to get clicker points). Schein goes through slides SO fast, it’s nearly impossible to understand the material or take notes.
Listen to the bruincast of every lecture. Take notes while watching (pause the video anytime he says anything that may be important, which is pretty much everything). I spent 2 hours rewatching the lecture, pausing, and taking notes for each bruincast lecture. His exams are based solely off of what he says (at least 95%)! Even if it’s not on a slide, he may test on it.
Make flash cards of every slide/notes before the quizzes. (I seriously made over 400 flash cards throughout the quarter. I used them to study for the quizzes and exams)
That’s it. :)

If you stay on top of the material, this class is very do-able.
Grade breakdown: (all multiple choice, 50q)
Midterm 1: 82 (average ~75)
Midterm 2: 92 (average ~80)
Final: 94 (average ~80)

The quizzes (basically every discussion) we’re not particularly difficult, and pretty similar to test questions.
The paper is really easy, kind of a joke (3 pages, double spaced)

I would definitely recommend schein! He was really funny and the class was not that difficult

PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2015 Submitted Sept. 22, 2016 Grade Received: A

Schein was wonderful.

I am selling the class textbook Biological Psychology, 7th Edition. It was incredibly useful for me during the course. Please message me at (952)393-7369 for details!

PSYCH 115, taken Spring 2019 Submitted June 24, 2019 Grade Received: A+

Schein is smart and really knows his stuff, but he tries to cram too much into just a few weeks. He would still be lecturing even the day before the exam, and speeds through lecture just to finish all the material. He also claims that you don't need to memorize, but please memorize. Several questions on the tests asks about small details that aren't necessarily "conceptual," and they can make/break your grade. The TAs also aren't the most helpful/knowledgeable so study hard on your own. There are three exams, discussion quizzes, one paper critique, and in-class clicker points that makeup your grade.

The workload isn't necessarily heavy, because he doesn't have too many things that are due. However, to do well you need to pace yourself and make sure you're staying on track with the material. Everyone has their own study methods, make sure to figure out yours early on and understand the material. Make sure to get as many points as possible outside of exams and they can really boost your grade.

PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2018 Submitted March 20, 2019 Grade Received: A+

Selling 100+ pages of typed and extremely detailed lecture notes for $20


PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2017 Submitted Jan. 9, 2018 Grade Received: A+

Prof Schein is definitely passionate about the topic he teaches, especially vision. The class required a lot of memorization (although he thinks otherwise) and reading. I had to rewatch the Bruincast videos to take more detailed notes because he went over the material too fast during lecture. Watching the lectures again and reading the textbook helped me review the content and allowed the details to really stick. Most of his multiple choice questions were fair, but there were some questions that seemed to come out of nowhere and were totally unpredictable - I still did well regardless of these questions, though. The quizzes in discussion were most likely created by the TAs, and the TA that I had for the quarter was horrible and made really confusing, weirdly stated questions. I couldn't do much to do well on the quizzes, so I used most of my studying time to concentrate on my midterm and final exams. The paper was also a very short one, and as long as you pay attention to directions, it should be feasible.

PSYCH 115 Submitted Dec. 8, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Jedi Master in Neuroscience, particularly vision.

PSYCH 115, taken Spring 2019 Submitted June 14, 2019 Grade Received: B+

Schein is a good professor although he is so smart that sometimes I think he isn't the best at making the concepts accessible to the rest of us who aren't geniuses. The test questions are hard, and nuanced. You need to KNOW the material. There are weekly quizzes and a paper, and a movie, and iclicker points. I earned the max iClicker points in week 7 so I stopped going to lecture, and wasn't penalized which was great. The time committment required to do well in this class is big. I have never had such a workload for one class. For me, this class was harder than 100B in terms of workload.

Schein recommends a certain way of studying, he says not to memorize but DO NOT FOLLOW HIS RECOMMENDATION. I followed it for the second exam and I earned a full letter grade lower than I did when I was memorizing, which cost me an A in the class. You have to figure out your own study method in this class which works, the sooner the better for your grade.

If you want to save some money you don't really NEED the textbook. I think throughout the whole quarter there were maybe only 3 questions on the quizzes that were straight from the book. It is helpful though and he follows the textbook pretty closely. A vast majority of what matters to know in this class are the things he SAYS. Even if not on the slides, or not in the book.

PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 2, 2018 Grade Received: B+

Schein is not a nice person during office hours and has a tendency being condescending to his students when they try to reach out to him for help. With that said, he's a decent lecturer and know his stuff. Luckily, I had a good T.A. who was MUCH more approachable than Schein, so I just went to him instead. Definitely not an easy class, but definitely fair (for the most part). So as long as you study, you won't fail at least ;)

PSYCH 115 Submitted Dec. 21, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Psych 115 (Fall '11), LS2 (Fall '10)

I've taken two classes with Professor Schein. The subject matter of the two overlaps greatly and the classes were both very similar in structure. Basically, I've got 2x the experience with the guy.

As a lecturer, Schein is one of the best I've had. He's very clearly interested in what he's teaching, and he really* wants his students to pay attention. He tries to keep them involved by asking questions and playing the "repeat after me" game (be prepared to aimlessly repeat a variety of vocab words). He learns the names of the students in the front rows, and his general excitement leads to an above-average lecture. The downside is he will often run over in time, trying to cram the last 10 lecture slides into 3 minutes of your time.

As a tester, Schein is one of the only teachers I've run into that really tries to test on concepts rather than rote memorization. He doesn't want to make his students memorize the entire Kreb's cycle every step of the way. He admits himself that he gets things confused all the time, so if he can't remember it, why should his students? THAT BEING SAID he often falters when making his tests, throwing in questions like "what's the size of a eukaryotic cell." This greatly increases the difficult of the tests, because you'll not only need to understand concepts, but also pick out the small facts that he may ask you to produce. All in all, his tests are difficult. They require a lot of thinking and a lot of patience. He loves the "which one of these is NOT true?" question format, making up about 8/50 of his questions. Without a really solid understanding of the chapters, you'll find yourself guessing pretty often.

How to succeed:
I've gotten an A in both of his classes. What I found to be most useful was reading the chapter AFTER reading through the lecture slides once or twice. The lecture slides outline important parts of the chapter, and these parts will probably be the majority of his exams, but the slides don't tell the whole story. The book was necessary as a supplement in order for me to really grasp the concepts. After reading the book, memorizing the slides is recommended. He's a really concerned teacher and is fairly approachable. He has a bit of an ego which really threw me originally, but I got over it. I really respect him as a teacher, though I'm not really sure if I'd get along with him.

**tl;dr** Don't let the difficulty scare you off. Schein offers pretty rewarding classes given that you put in the effort. Don't slack, don't fall behind, and the grade will fall into place. There ARE easier teachers out there, but this one may be one of the most concerned/helpful.

PSYCH 115, taken Fall 2017 Submitted Dec. 19, 2017 Grade Received: A-

Do not bother with the textbook. Focus in lecture and take detailed notes of what he says! Some of the test questions come from what he speaks of in lecture, not necessarily what's on the slides. Make sure you understand every single slide because even slides that may seem irrelevant could still be tested on.
Midterm 1: 66/100 (average = 70)
Midterm 2: 86/100 (average = 77)
Final: 90/100 (average = 77)
Final Grade: A-

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