Counseling Relationships

Stan Schein

Counseling Relationships

Psychology department

Stan Schein

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I took LS 2 and the HONORS Seminar LS 89 with Professor Schein. He is truly one of the best professors I have had by far. Schein is one of those people you come accross and motivates you to want to do your best, as cheesy as that sounds. I really dont see how people can complain about him as a professor. I just think that everyone who doesnt like him is because they dont like to do work and actually learn, which is something that Professor Schein is truly concerned with. If you dont like to read, do your assigned work or learn, then yeah, you might hate his class, but I mean, then why even take classes. Thats my opinion. Granted, he sometimes rushes through material during class, but that is because there is so much to cover. Its not like he forbids you from learning the material on your own and reviewing, which you should be doing anyway. So while there are plenty reviews that tell you to avoid taking a class with him, I advise you take him if you get a chance. He is very reaching and concerned with student learning. By far, the most cheeful and humble professor I have encountered.
And no, he is not sexist like people say he is. I feel that people just take little things and make them a big deal. He approaches girls no different than he does guys. Really good Prof.

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