Stefano Filipazzi

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Easiness 2.5/ 5
Clarity 3.9/ 5
Workload 2.7/ 5
Helpfulness 4.2/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Fall 2020 - Professor Filipazzi is a really good professor and I thoroughly enjoyed this class with him even though it was pretty hard. The exams were definitely very challenging and long while given the 24 hour window to complete them. The exams are definitely very long to begin with but I think it's important to note that when you're given a 24 hour winds to take an exam you're definitely going to be trying to perfect every single answer and taking your time solving ones you don't know etc. I took like 8+ hours on the second midterm and final but that was also because I was studying the topics along the way to help me answer the questions lol. Though they were long, they weren't TOO hard as the average for Midterm 1 was a high B, almost low A. Second midterm was definitely harder and the average was a high C. The final however was long but easier in my opinion than the midterms and the average and median were A's. The exams were doable you just had to study and be careful showing your work. Also a lot of people told him midterm 2 was extremely long and difficult and in return he sent us a long email explaining his perspective on the midterm and apologized for misjudging the length of the exam. He also further tried to help us by giving us tons of practice problems for the final and they were very similar to the final which is probably why the scores were so high. He also wrote long explanations about optimization and Lagrange multipliers since those are harder topics in the class to try and help us prepare for the final. Also to the person saying he addresses his mistakes through cryptic code in the email: his email are from CCLE announcements. He writes them as announcements and then CCLE sends them as an email as a notification. When you read the announcements on CCLE they have the correct math symbols etc. It's not cryptic code lol I'm dumb so I got a B (pretty sure a good chunk of people got A's since the averages were always so high) but I actually learned a lot from professor Filipazzi and recommend him as a professor. He cares about his students and genuinely wants them to succeed. edit: he actually curved up so I ended with a B+. thank u filipazzi <3
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