Biochemical Methods II

Steven J Kim

Biochemical Methods II

Chemistry and Biochemistry department

Steven J Kim

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted July 2, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

This class was one of the best classes I've taken here at UCLA considering if you are a biochem major. The material was very interesting and labs were very fun as well, for some reason everyone tends to bond. Exams were very fair and straightfoward, but the lab reports were consisted of very picky grading. This does't mean it was hard to do, it just meant you need to take the time to talk to TA's. Kim is very approachable and very understanding I just dont understand why these people are so afraid of him. Also TA's are great at helping (ANDY TA OF THE YEAR!). Everyone I knew in the class seemed to end up with at least a B in the class and I ended up with an A-, so take it I highly recommend Kim if hes still teaching chem 154!

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 30, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

154 was one of the best chem classes I've taken at UCLA (wayyyyyyyy better than the o-chem labs for sure).

Dr. Kim was very nice and helpful. He was always around when students had questions. I think people should give him A LOT more credit for what he's done for the students and the efforts he's put into teaching this class. The course material ITSELF was hard, but Dr. Kim made it very enjoyable. The exams were not that hard either--they just require some thinking, which should NOT be a problem if you go to the lectures and the exam reviews.

I admit that, before taking the class, I didn't think this class would be any fun to take with Dr. Kim from the rumors I heard (and also the reason why I chose to take 153L in summer)----however, after the class, one thing was proven: you should never believe rumors (and it's not fair to judge someone just based on one bad quarter).

Dr. Kim was a great and funny lecturer, and I'm really really glad that I had a chance to take a class with him during my years @ UCLA. :)

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 24, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Since this was his first time teaching the class, the lectures were a little jumbled and confusing. Sometimes he talks really fast so its hard to understand the lecture, especailly towards the end of the lecture. Overall, he really cares if you understand the material. He answers questions very well so if you don't understand something you should ask.

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