English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

Steven Steinberg

English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

English Composition department

Steven Steinberg

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 4, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Steinberg is seriously one of the best professors at UCLA. I took his class simply because many people said it was an easy A, but what I got out of it was much more valuable than that. Each day, he starts out the lecture with a really interesting quote that allows you to think about certain issues in a way that you have never thought of before. He is very knowledgable about the topics that he chooses to teach. He reads a lot of books and often brings them to the class to share his recommendations and experiences with them. He values everything that each student has to say, so it is easy for people to speak out when they normally don't in other classes. It is quite impressive how he remembers students' names and the specific papers that they have turned in. He allows revisions on all the papers that he assigns, and he is available and very helpful during his office hours. Use his office hours to your advantages because that is when he explains all the comments that he wrote on your paper because many students find it difficult to read his handwriting. His course is very relevant to today's world so many of us found it to be very interesting. It may seem cliche, but his course really does change your perspective on things and it opens your mind to a lot of new ideas. Definitely take this class if you can, it is worth your time.

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