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FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Feb. 11, 2020 Grade Received: A+

Loved this class! Albaugh is in the industry and works with a lot of well-known people so he knows what he's talking about. He basically just assigns movies for homework and then u go thru the structure of a movie and place scenes at certain parts. Short quizzes are collected at end of lecture for attendance; they're super easy. Guests come and speak sometimes. Take this class if you want to be introduced to great films! The final is just the first 10 pages of the a feature length movie you would want to write. Super easy A, great for writers and film lovers. Don't need to be a film minor to take.

FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Nov. 3, 2019 Grade Received: A+

Professor Albaugh is awesome. He's full of gusto and passion for his craft, and he infuses plenty of his own personal experiences and stories in his lectures. He also breaks down aspects of screenwriting so they're really simple, and the weekly quizzes are no big deal at all if you just read the assigned chapters and watch the two weekly-assigned movies (and they're all great movies, like Mean Girls or Coco). He also gave a fully comprehensive study guide, which the exam was entirely based off, and the quarter's project (10 pages of a screenplay) is a breeze, especially if you have a good TA. Would 10/10 recommend.

FILM TV 33, taken Winter 2017 Submitted Oct. 3, 2019 Grade Received: A

The lectures go over how a screenplay is structured rather than how dialogue is written. That being said, the discussion section is a workshop where you get to write the introduction of your own feature film, which was pretty cool.

I am selling the required textbook for this class "Essentials of Screenwriting" by Richard Walter, for $15. Price is negotiable. Message me at 323-989-7489 if interested.

FILM TV 33, taken Winter 2018 Submitted June 23, 2019 Grade Received: A

This is my favorite class I have taken at UCLA in the two years I've been here. I am a computer science and back when I was still pursuing a film minor I took this class and wow it is just so good. The lectures are super engaging and if you love talking about movies you will love this class. The movies we watched were really fun too (Raiders, Iron Man, Mean Girl, Lego Movie, School of Rock). The final was a super easy 20 question final based on the text book (only like 15$). We had quizzes based on the readings but if you are like me and HATE reading, don't worry because if you are even remotely interested the book is fantastic. I attended one of Prof. Albaugh's lectures for an upper dive where he had the author of the text as a guest lecturer and it was one of the best lectures I've ever been to. You workshop with a TA to produce a 10 page script using what you learned and it was really fun. I'd recommend this class to everyone who is remotely interested.

FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted April 16, 2019 Grade Received: A

One of the coolest professors I've ever had. He has so much experience in his field and he's super insightful (he worked for Pixar)! I really enjoyed his lectures and his required films for the class. I learned so much about scriptwriting and I hope I can take him again in the future. As long as you as you read the main points in the textbook and keep up with his points in class, you'll get a good grade. Beware, you'll get inspired to become a screenwriter.

FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Jan. 3, 2019 Grade Received: A

This man is amazing. He is super encouraging, personal, successful, and funny! You learn a lot during his lectures and they are fun. It can be tough to pay attention since it is a long lecture, but you get through because of Tim. You want to be engaged with him. Plus, the work isn’t tough and the TAs are all great. Fantastic course all around!

FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Dec. 19, 2018 Grade Received: A+

I really enjoyed this class. The discussions are very interesting and thought provoking. I've learned to appreciate movies in a new way and have had a really fun time writing an original screenplay.

FILM TV 33, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Dec. 14, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

All 5 stars! Albaugh is a fantastic professor and makes lecture super engaging and fun. My TA was great and all of them seem very nice, encouraging and want to see their students succeed. The book is needed to do well on quizzes, but a really easy read and actually enjoyable.
Selling the book:
"Essentials of Screenwriting" by Richard Walter

Please contact: 808-753-1666

FILM TV 33, taken Winter 2018 Submitted Aug. 17, 2018 Grade Received: A

Good class, interesting professor. Selling the book for the course. if this review is up it's still for sale.

FILM TV 33, taken Spring 2018 Submitted Oct. 3, 2018 Grade Received: A

Learned a lot from this class and was a really fun and decently easy GE!

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