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Introduction to Statistical Reasoning See Full Profile

Overall 2.6 Easiness 1.4 Workload 1.8 Clarity 2.4 Helpfulness 2.6

Most Helpful Review

I personally liked her a lot and enjoyed going to her lecture. I really enjoy her accent (it's not too difficult to understand) and she is SO intelligent & knows her stuff. This class wasn't too difficult for me because I took AP Stats in high school; I might've had a hard time learning from her if this was my first Stats class. She's an okay lecturer and her accent does make her a bit more difficult to follow, but overall don't be afraid to take her. If you go to lecture & put time & effort into the class, you'll be fine.

(Feb. 3, 2010)
Introduction to Probability See Full Profile

Overall 2.6 Easiness 1.7 Workload 1.7 Clarity 2.6 Helpfulness 2.6

Most Helpful Review

Professor Ioudina is a pretty fair professor. Her tests are on material that she thoroughly covered, she is always available during office hours, and she gives out tons of extra credit opportunities. She does have a bit of an accent, but it's not that heavy. You get used to it very fast. She usually is also willing to give a few extra points on homework and exams if you go talk to her about it. The homework she assigns is pretty tough, definitely way harder than the exam questions. Going to lecture is a must, as she does problems that you will be tested on. Don't rely on the book, it is REALLY unhelpful. I came in to Stat 100A expecting horrible things due to some previous ratings, but to my pleasant surprise, she wasn't bad at all! Stat 100A is not an easy A, but it's definitely manageable. If you've never really taken a Stats course before, (like me) you'll get a lot out of this class with this professor.

(Sept. 12, 2009)
Applied Statistics See Full Profile

Overall 2.2 Easiness 1.8 Workload 1.5 Clarity 2.5 Helpfulness 2.5

Most Helpful Review

Professor Ioudina is not the greatest teacher. She gives random quizzes and takes attendance. If attendance seems to be getting low, she gives a surprise quiz! She knows what she's talking about, but she talks in such a monotone voice that it's impossibly hard to pay attention. Her examples are incomplete, but she does post of lot of PDF slides/info online, so that helped. Without the book, I don't think I would have been able to understand much in this class. She goes through everything too fast, in such a boring way, that no one can really comprehend what she's trying to say. Her tests are unreasonably difficult and she does not curve the grading (unless everyone is doing bad... which was what happened because she was too hard). However, she does give extra credit opportunities that should make up for bad test scores. Although she's a nice person, she's really not a decent teacher. I'd say avoid her if at all possible.

(Jan. 2, 2009)
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