Vanessa Beddo

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Easiness 1.4/ 5
Clarity 3.6/ 5
Workload 1.6/ 5
Helpfulness 3.8/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Yeah yeah...She may make you feel like you're in an elementary school math class, but I personally liked it. Come on now... Wouldn't you rather have a professor who teaches stats to you simply or explains it in a more complicated manner?? Her practice midterm was similar to the actual midterm and she let us have a whole sheet of paper (front and back) as our cheat sheet. I would say her midterm was pretty fair, but I got a grade in the C range (with the curve!). This was because I missed a whole page of points on her midterm. I think I would have scored higher if I had paid more attention to my lecture notes and the terms she uses. Luckily, if you score higher on the final than on the midterm she'll account your final for 75% of your grade. I guess I scored much higher on the final than I did on the midterm because I ended up with an A in the class after stressing out so much over how I needed to raise my grade. Her final was alright I guess. It was open book and open notes like some other student said, but it was much different than her midterm because there were articles you had to read through. I would say about one or two of the problems on the final were confusing because I didn't know what type of answer she wanted. Just study the practice final to get some idea of the type of answers she wants from those articles. Oh and it helps if you put labeled post-it tabs in your notes and book before the final exam so you don't flip madly through your stuff trying to find the equations or examples you need. Overall I think she's an ok professor to take stats 10 with because she teaches well, but she's not easiest professor you can take it with.
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