Actuarial Models II

Will Conley

Actuarial Models II

Mathematics department

Will Conley

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 26, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Actual Course: Life Science 30A (the new pre-med math sequence)

A lot of people are confused about the actual class, as I was when I first decided to take it. Life Science 30A is a math class. It is supposedly "calculus" based, but we only used first derivatives and quotient rule and product rule. The main meat of the class is about mathematical modeling and differential equations, though we don't go into any of the "math" stuff of differential equations at all. We focus on the concepts. The computer programming part of the course threw me off at first, but the TAs are very helpful and understanding during lab sections and will help you with your coding. Also, there is no coding on any exams in the class.

As for Conley, he is a great teacher, and I have no complaints. I've been to 2 of his office hours and he was extremely helpful each time. Also, he is NOT boring, which is something really unique about a math professor.

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