415 Gayley Ave.

Average monthly rent: $0.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Includes Laundry
  • Has Pool
  • Includes Internet
  • Allows Cats
  • Allows Dogs
  • Allows Small Animals
  • Includes Electricity
from 18 users


Overall 3.9
Quietness 3.9
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 4.6
Well Kept
Landlord 4.2
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 3.7


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Submitted March 31, 2019

I had a really good experience here for the past two years. Its definitely one of the nicer buildings in Westwood and feels much newer and cleaner then the other buildings I looked at. It is pricey but I wanted a place that was clean, and not ridden with cockroaches or bedbugs. The apartment was spacious enough and we were able to fit desk and everything we needed. Its way more spacious then the dorms. Not all them are spacious though but mine was.

Submitted March 22, 2019

To the review below. We are disheartened to hear your feedback. We’re sorry we didn’t meet your expectations. We checked your file and show we covered your so cal gas, cable, and WiFi as described in your lease and on your hold slip prior to moving in. If there is any confusion please let us know. As far as subletting goes we keep a sublet list and perhaps you are not aware of that if you would like to join our premier community sublet list please reach out to us for help we would be happy to assist you. We hope through good service we can work together and meet your expectations

Submitted March 15, 2019

Although the area this apartment is located is great do not trust Premiere Student Housing. They are absolute and complete liars. Prior to moving in all of my roommates, myself included were all told different versions of the same lie and that was that utilities were included. However very few to none were. The only thing utilities includes is cable and wifi. Also, prior to moving in we were told that they would help us find subletters for the summer if we didn't plan on staying for the summer session. This again was a lie considering how they just now barely told us that they do not find our subletters and it is our problem to find someone. The only good thing about this place is the fact that it is fairly quiet and we have a balcony. Aside from that you're better off finding some place else because the rent is $1100 for a 2 bedroom apartment and although they claim that the rooms are spacious they aren't.

Submitted Jan. 23, 2019

So far so good here. Everytime I have a clog they come out same day or next day so they are super fast on maintenance. Spacious enough. 2 laundry rooms which is nice. Front desk is helpful. Im on south campus so its super close like a five minute walk.

Submitted Jan. 22, 2019

I had an awesome experience with this community! I feel they thought of everything.I rented from Premier Student Housing and our apartment is spacious we did the 2 b 1.5 option but this year we are looking to renew a 2 b 2 b because it wasent available when we originally signed up ( with five people its always better to have the extra bath but it was totally bearable with 1.5 since we dont have the same schedules anywayz ) the triple room is great that I live in. Its super spacious very high ceilings and I have a walk in closet. Our unit is furnished and we didnt need anything other then what we already have. The only downfall is parking is pretty pricey at 125 a month but its not shared and I dont have to park on campus since im so close.

Submitted Jan. 2, 2019

Before signing up here I looked at three different complexes.
I checked out their private options and then shared room options when I found out how expensive private rooms were. I was really against having roommates and being in a shared room. But with that said this actually turned out pretty good. My roommates are great they all go to UCLA we have alot in common. The apartment is spacious enough to where we dont feel we are walking all over eachother when were home. I like the furniture the big tv we game on it have kick back sundays at our place which is really cool. They include most utilities which was awesome and made it easier. I choose this over the other places I saw because I only have 4 other housemates unlike living with 20 people crammed in with a common area.

Submitted Dec. 29, 2018

I had a really great experience so far. I came from out of town the process was really easy. Someone met me from PSH at 10pm when my flight was late to help me with my move in. I was really grateful for that because I know it was after hours. They gave me water after I had been on a long flight and emailed my parents that I arrived. The apartment is spacious and beautiful. The furniture is very nice huge tv. Its very luxury compared to what I have at home and was just cleaned I could tell when I arrived. Ill update more later but so far great experience here. I did a triple room.

Submitted Dec. 19, 2018

I have been really satisfied with my housing. The apartments are very nice inside and updated, however they are not as spacious as some as Premier Student Housings other complexes. But with that said they are remodeled, clean, and alot was included which is what we were looking for. The building is relatively quiet the pool is great and I can make it to south campus in 10 minutes since its right past DeNeve.
One thing to take note of is the units are all apparently VERY different so check them out first. Levering was way smaller then Kelton and Gayley was spacious from what we saw. Overall I have had a great experience. Front desk is super nice too and is always helpful with packages and maintenance .

Submitted Dec. 14, 2018

I chose this apartment because it was right across the street from campus on gayley. I had overall a good experience. Maintenance was fast. Toilet clogs were handled quick and our furniture was worth the money. We had a huge sectional, enormous tv, and friendly and understanding management. The wifi is really high speed we can all stream and connect no issues and psh included it. I think we got a great value for how close we are to campus and for whats included. My suggestion is they need to include desk.This is one thing we didnt have included that we had to buy ourselves. But I still would have done it over again and signed up

Submitted Dec. 13, 2018

I had a great experience here. Having the furnishings included by psh made it really easy to transition from campus. While everyone was moving heavy items i literally just moved my personal items which was great. The pool is nice, theres lots of laundry machines and they take credit card which is better then coins, the only issue I have had is the elevator broke down once but they fixed it asap. Everything was clean when I moved in, I like my roommates, refrigerators could be bigger but they gave me a mini fridge to make up for it (we also had five people) so over all im satisfied !

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