African American Musical Heritage

Description: (Formerly numbered M110A.) (Same as Ethnomusicology M12A and Global Jazz Studies M12A.) Lecture, four hours; discussion, one hour. Sociocultural history and survey of African American music covering Africa and its impact on Americas; music of 17th through 19th centuries; minstrelsy and its impact on representation of blacks in film, television, and theater; religious music, including hymns, spirituals, and gospel; black music of Caribbean and Central and South America; and music of black Los Angeles. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 5.0
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Overall Rating 2.0
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Winter 2020 - The professor was a very nice person, don't get me wrong. The lectures were a snooze fest however. You can not pay attention in lecture and copy down only whatever is on the projected screen and do as well in the class as otherwise. If you are somebody who is interested in studying music theory then I would be interested in the class. However, this class is so so so so incredibly disorganized. Part of this could have to do with my particular TA, but interest you have in the music and wanting to be exposed to the culture is just sucked out of you by the amateur way in which this class is presented. For tests, you realize quickly that lectures are spent mostly by the professor talking tangentially about music for the first half hour plus and are pretty useless, as taking tests really boils down to memorizing the people and terms the TA sends you on the study list. But back to the disorganization. When it comes to the final essay, for instance, it is never clear at all what time exactly anything is due, there are really ambiguous instructions as to how to format things, which are exacerbated by the TA sending you ten different emails and the professor never sending out formal due dates or times. The whole organization does a very terrible job at captivating you, making you interested, as it is pretty much just a history class. Nobody in the class, even the music students, seemed interested. Twitter was on everybody's laptop screens during lecture. If you want exposure and discussion of music, or to be captivated by the culture applications of music, I'd take another class. Just took the final today, so INCOMPLETE means I haven't gotten my grade yet
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