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Yoram Cohen See Full Profile

Overall 1.0 Easiness 1.0 Workload 1.0 Clarity 1.0 Helpfulness 1.0

Most Helpful Review


Professor Cohen is literally the WORST professor or teacher I have ever had in elementary school, middle school, high school, and here at UCLA. He is a snobby bitch, and when you ask a question he just answers with a rhetorical; it’s like, “dude, if I knew the answer I wouldn’t ask.” I asked him a question on a test and he just answers with a question and a smirk, and I’m sitting there thinking “fuck you, you just wasted my time on the exam.” He should not be allowed to teach. His handwriting is impossible to read, I can’t tell if it is a rho, a P, or an e half the time. And he goes so fast, writing so sloppily I can’t even comprehend what’s going on in class. He is also the most boring professor ever. I have to eat a whole bag of candy to get a sugar rush to stay awake.
Also, he does not understand what a university holiday is. Twice, he tried to make a homework due in person on a university holiday. It is disrespectful that he is emailing out an assignment on Thanksgiving holiday.
Also, stop bitching about us writing on the back of the paper on homework. Your syllabus literally says that the homework is 3-5 problems yet every homework is 6-7 problems, and one even had 8.
Also, buy a clue, the entire class has class in the same fucking room from 12-4. You are a jackass who won’t let us eat to pay attention. You have 2 hours while we are in class to eat, so stop complaining. Nobody likes you.
In summary, screw you Cohen, I hope I never have to see you ever again.

Fall Quarter 2017
Carissa Eisler See Full Profile

Overall 5.0 Easiness 3.0 Workload 3.4 Clarity 4.6 Helpfulness 5.0

Most Helpful Review

Eisler was new to this course and did a fantastic job! She was crystal clear about expectations and really cared about student learning. Her homework was applicable directly to the test and nothing seemed like busy work. I've learned a lot from her class and would take her again as a professor in a heartbeat!

Fall Quarter 2019
Robert Hicks See Full Profile

Overall 3.0 Easiness 2.0 Workload 2.2 Clarity 3.0 Helpfulness 2.9

Most Helpful Review

Nice guy, cool too.
Funny, entertaining in class
Office hours are helpful
Puts problems in layman's terms

Material is just brutally difficult by itself. Tensors and advanced math theory on the first day, are you serious?

Hick's lectures are not very helpful in doing the homework or tests. You really need to spend time on the homework to know stuff on the tests.

Class seems to be all over the board honestly. If you can take this class and keep clean notes, you are a legend, because between repeating topics, making corrections, and him saying "just read about it", your notes will not be pretty or easy to review later.

Overall cool guy, could be a better teacher for 101, but the material is also just hard.

Nov. 20, 2015
Anditya Rahardianto Full Profile > N/A Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness
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Anditya Rahardianto See Full Profile

Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness N/A

Most Helpful Review
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Selim Senkan See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 1.2 Workload 2.0 Clarity 2.8 Helpfulness 2.0

Most Helpful Review

good guy. he goes pretty fast during lecture, but knows how to teach. know the lecture material like the back of your hand and you should be good for the exams (though he does throw in some conceptual stuff from the book sometimes, so don't neglect the readings). very helpful during OH too.

Jan. 2, 2009
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