Korean Folklore

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Overall 4.4 Easiness 3.0 Workload 3.1 Clarity 3.7 Helpfulness 4.0

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Prof. Tangherlini is an interesting man. He's quirky, witty, a bit sarcastic, and funny. He's a folklorist. He's knowledgable about Korean culture b/c he spent some time in the 1980s studying there. He and a friend made an interesting documentary on the Korean punk rock scene. Anywho, his class is fairly easy though you do need to do work, especially with the folklore project where you analyze a group. It's tedious but do-able. The midterm and finals are online, multiple choise and are easy. The analytical paper is a good sized paper and is a response to the data collected from observing your "group". Overall, this is an interesting class. Go to lectures...Tangherlini goes over stuff that will be directly in the midterm/final (that's not in the readings) and also do the readings cuz it'll help make sense of lectures and part of the readings are on the midterm/final.

June 23, 2006
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