Introduction to Korean Cinema

Foundations of Arts and Humanities - Visual and Performance Arts
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Overall 4.0 Easiness 4.3 Workload 3.7 Clarity 3.3 Helpfulness 3.7

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i was initially very excited when i saw this new addition to the class planner. watching movies and writing some essays didn’t seem to be too bad, and i liked my TA, donghyun, as he was nice and clearly enjoyed his job. however, i absolutely hated this class. hanscom was quite possibly the worst lecturer i’ve encountered at ucla. he’s such a disorganized person who went on the most useless tangents. was he passionate about the topic? yes. but his passion took away from the topic itself. i literally could not bear to listen to him. i would have never gone to class if it wasnt for the pop quizzes he gave. most of the movies assigned were not engaging, even for someone who loves korean movies. his lectures felt like they were irrelevant and ended up not being extremely useful. the assigned readings were absolutely useless and were never tested in any capacity. if you’re going to assign readings, at least do something with them. knowing i spent tuition money on this joke of a class will haunt me. i have not learned a single thing about film history and feel like i wasted 10 weeks of my life on such a messy class. hanscom’s like that professor who is nice and you can tell is trying, but the course fell very flat. don’t take this class. take another GE that will be easier and likely more interesting.

Spring Quarter 2019
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