Introduction to Korean Cinema

Foundations of Arts and Humanities - Visual and Performance Arts
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Writing this in defense of Professor Hanscom, who I thought was a brilliant mind. Although, yes his lectures were often filled with his various tangents, I still found them to be interesting. Also, he often provided a lot of context for the films from a historical perspective, which I was not expecting, but I honestly enjoyed that I got to learn a bit about Korean history. And honestly I don't think that his lectures needed to be the most focused, because at the end of it all this class was just about appreciating and familiarizing yourself with a handful of Korean films.
The films he assigned can be hard to get through (I ended up binging 4 during finals week) but after watching all of them, I don't think there was a "bad" movie among them (except maybe Spring on the Peninsula, didn't care too much for that one haha.)
The grading comes from pop quizzes which are essentially impossible not to get an A on if you have the faintest idea of what the movie is about, he might as well be asking if the sky is blue. There are two essays, one on a film from class, and one of your own choosing. I'm not the strongest writer, and I wrote both the night before during crackhead hours and got a 18/20 and 17/20 respectively. The final tests identification based off a quote, which again is painfully obvious if you've seen the films, but you'll have to identify the director of the accompanying film which is the only thing you'll need to "study." One part is a short answer, but the only questions that I didn't think were obvious if you've seen the movies or been to lecture were the ones regarding history. Then there is a long essay regarding any of the themes throughout the films that he makes painfully clear and hammers into you during lectures- again if you've seen the movies and been to some of the lectures, this should not be difficult at all. I only did the readings for the films I really enjoyed, so the majority I did not read, and they did not seem to be tested in any way. And of course there is participation which I think is just from attended discussion.
Overall, I actually thoroughly enjoyed Professor Hanscom and this course. I think everything he had to say was interesting, and his "rambling" made the class seem more like a seminar than a lecture. And if you watch the films, which can be done at 1.5 speed, any of the other assignments should not be difficult at all. I would recommend this class if you are at all interested in the topic or just want to take a class with a quirky and engaging professor :)

Spring Quarter 2019
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