Workshop in Differential Calculus

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Sorin Popa See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.3 Workload 2.5 Clarity 3.7 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

Popa is a nice guy and his lectures are pretty clear. Got a B- on the first midterm but improved to get an A. His tricky finals are made easier if you can get your hands on that collection of past tests and study material.
Selling for 20 dollars.

Aug. 3, 2015
Olga Radko See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 2.0 Workload 1.5 Clarity 3.5 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

I took 31a with radio and 31b with someone else, got an A in both.

Radko was very available, but she was hard. Her midterms were pretty difficult and her final was very difficult. Just study as much as you can because the classes is graded on a curve so if you fail but others fail worse, you will still get a good grade lol.

What I did was, I would go back and reread and do all the problems again in the book, I did this for 31a and 31b, and it helped.

May 25, 2015
David Renfrew See Full Profile

Overall 3.0 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.4 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 2.4

Most Helpful Review

Selling Looseleaf Rogawaski 31A/31B textbook. Great condition

Sept. 23, 2014
Denomme Rob See Full Profile

Overall 2.6 Easiness 3.4 Workload 3.1 Clarity 2.9 Helpfulness 1.1

Most Helpful Review

Selling Math 31A/B textbook, 2nd edition PLUS Solutions Manual

Text: 619-942-7077

Jan. 8, 2016
Bruce Rothschild See Full Profile

Overall 2.6 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.1 Clarity 1.7 Helpfulness 2.4

Most Helpful Review

Stay as far away from this professor as you can and do not take his class!!! He cannot explain any concepts and will mess up those concepts for you that you already know! I sadly had to take his class since the other 31A classes had filled up. However, within the first week of class I realized he sucks so I started going for Conley's lectures which helped me so much! I would just go on Friday to submit the homework for rothschild! Also, the TA is really helpful and somehow compensates for the professor!

Feb. 28, 2013
Grigor Sargsyan See Full Profile

Overall 2.7 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.4 Clarity 2.4 Helpfulness 1.7

Most Helpful Review

Hard class, but Sargsyan is very effective and wants you to succeed. He makes math enjoyable with his light-hearted humor and really tries to connect with the class. The length and complexity of the derivations and proofs may seem daunting and confusing at first, but Grigor really breaks them down into bite sized pieces for you to understand. He is a very fair grader and his test truly test your retention of what you have learned and your ability to apply those skills to more complex, outside the box type problems. Great professor!

April 2, 2011
David Taylor See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 3.4 Workload 3.4 Clarity 3.4 Helpfulness 3.4

Most Helpful Review

Horrible. Avoid him. He has no idea what he's saying. He confuses you rather than helps you learn. DO NOT TAKE.

March 13, 2015
Liam Watson See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.3 Clarity 3.3 Helpfulness 3.3

Most Helpful Review

Watson's lectures contained many proofs and explanations of concepts. In addition, he would sometimes explain certain concepts in great detail and not explain others at all (implicit differentiation). A good professor, but his personality and his office hours could be improved upon.

Jan. 13, 2013
David Weisbart See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 2.6 Workload 2.4 Clarity 3.4 Helpfulness 4.2

Most Helpful Review


July 24, 2012
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