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Carol Bakhos See Full Profile

Overall 4.4 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.0 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

I took JS10 with her in Fall 2007. She is a personable and fun teacher. Her lectures are more interesting than organized. Nonetheless, they're worth going to as she does have really great insight. It is necessary to do the reading in order to understand the material and the chronology of it, but if you're interested in Judaism the readings are appealing. She doesn't baby you (but does provide helpful study guides for tests), she expects you to do the work for the class and come to lecture ready to hear her give it a more human touch. Overall, she is an endearing professor who I would sincerely recommend.

Nov. 20, 2008
Michael Cooperson See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.0 Workload 1.9 Clarity 4.3 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

I took Arabic 150 Classical Arabic Lit in English with Prof. Cooperson. He's such a chill teacher and amazingly smart for his young age. He knows a billion languages and seems to have native fluency in them. His class wasn't difficult and at the same time, I learned a whole lot! There are three quizzes, three short papers on a topic of your choice among a list of a bunch of possibilities, and there's a final. The quizzes and final consist of ID's, a couple multiple choice, and maps. On those quizzes you usually have a choice on what you answer. Also, he hands out all the readings and we didn't have to buy a book. BUT read all the readings CAREFULLY! Lots of questions on quizzes are regarding specifics in them. Really cool professor and his class was my favorite of last quarter.

Jan. 7, 2009
Jacco Dieleman See Full Profile

Overall 4.5 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.7 Clarity 4.7 Helpfulness 4.7

Most Helpful Review

Ignore the course at the top, I had Jacco for AN N EA 130, Ancient Egyptian Religion, Winter 2010. It's always a plus to have a prof who loves his subject and Jacco LOVES egyptology. He's really nice, has a cool dutch accent and he explains things pretty well. Lecture was kindaaa boring though, and it felt pretty long cuz it's an hr 20 and sometimes he'll run over 10 min! Egyptian religion is pretty interesting, some of the concepts are a little difficult but its fine for the most part. The tests are kinda long. Maybe it feels longer because its made up of a bunch of small parts like identifications (one sentence definitions or just naming a god), short essays (describing an image or a concept) and then longer essays. Theres a lot of material to know, he gives you study guides for the midterm and final. They look really intimidating but as long as you go to lecture and take notes, you will be fine. You need the course reader. Its kind of a lot of reading. More so in the very beginning of the class, after that the pace is pretty fair. Reading before lecture is def better because Jacco elaborates on what is said in the articles so the reading and lecture is much more comprehensive if you read before. If you don't keep up with the reading, dont worry just read before the tests and the study guide or section will point out which ones you actually need to read. ALWAYS use his slide galleries on the course website to study for the tests, they are excellent and give a lot of info. There are 3 incredibly easy online quizzes the first half of the quarter. No papers.

March 18, 2010
Nancy Ezer See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.6 Workload 2.3 Clarity 4.6 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

Best language professor I have EVER had. She's the reason I stuck with Hebrew. Her method of teaching is quick and effective. Put some effort in and you will reap the rewards. She is incredibly knowledgable and gives you all the tools to succeed. Definitely take a class from her.

June 4, 2012
Lev Hakak See Full Profile

Overall 2.5 Easiness 3.2 Workload 3.8 Clarity 2.5 Helpfulness 3.2

Most Helpful Review

JS 175 is an easy class, selling the textbook, Modern Hebrew Literature and two course readers needed for the class (Jew 175). I got an A, and these books are absolutely necessary. I tried looking for stories online, but many were unavailable. All the exams and papers are based on the reading. Please contact me at 714-331-4626 if interested.

July 26, 2015
Nahid Pirnazar See Full Profile

Overall 2.2 Easiness 1.4 Workload 1.6 Clarity 1.4 Helpfulness 1.8

Most Helpful Review

She is terrible. Stay away from her classes at all costs. She is somewhat of a nice lady and tries hard, but she is just not cut out for teaching. Her class isn't too hard but I dreaded seeing her. I don't think I can put into words how much me and my fellow classmates despised her. Whenever we would set up any study sessions, we would have to spend a good hour complaining about how bad of a teacher she was and how much we dreaded going to class. I got an A in the end but would have preferred a C on my transcript if I didn't have to put up with her horrendous attitude. I promise you you will regret taking any class with her.

March 16, 2009
Ismail Poonawala See Full Profile

Overall 2.9 Easiness 3.0 Workload 2.7 Clarity 2.6 Helpfulness 2.6

Most Helpful Review

Yeah, so I agree what everyone has said before. He gets up to the front and speaks with an unbreakable accent and stuffs his sentences with "meaning..." and "so to say...". It's extremely difficult to follow along and most people don't. His voice is monotone and he makes jokes that no one finds funny at all. Don't bother buying the $100 course reader unless you know nothing about Islam...but if you've taken Morony before, you'll breeze through this class without ever attending lecture or doing the reading. The discussions are important though and super helpful because they prepare you with what you should study for the midterm and final. Midterm consists of one essay and 5 ID's. Final is of two essays and 7 ID's. Take it if you already know Islam for a super easy A. For those of you that are jumping into this area brand new, run! You won't learn much from him (but might from the discussion).

March 12, 2009
Yona Sabar See Full Profile

Overall 4.5 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.2 Clarity 3.8 Helpfulness 4.5

Most Helpful Review

Took Yona Sabar for 102A in Fall 2012. This was my first Hebrew class and enrolling in 102A (intermediate) seemed like hell at first. However, if you know the basics of hebrew and understand most of it, the A is very doable! He assigns homework everyday to make you review the stuff, which is good because by the time the midterm and final comes around. YOU'RE SET! Definitely recommend taking him. He is one amazing guy and lets you correct mistakes you made in the homework and tests. TAKE HIM

Dec. 7, 2012
William Schniedewind See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.7 Clarity 3.6 Helpfulness 3.4

Most Helpful Review

honestly, professor schniedeweinds class is pretty easy, i went to office hours alot, atleast 6-7 times and let me tell you, he is NARCISSISTIC as hell. Honestly the dead sea scrolls class wasnt as interesting because everytime something got groundbreaking we couldnt (or whoever interpreted them) couldnt figure out what it said because their so old and fragmented. Pretty boring class in my opinion, but easy.

July 4, 2012
Jeremy Smoak See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.6 Workload 2.7 Clarity 4.1 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

I actually took AN N EA 10W with Professor Smoak.

Professor Smoak is a really good teacher. Although the course may seem like it could be boring, Smoak makes the material interesting and he's a really good lecturer. If you pay attention and take good notes during the lectures, then you really don't have to do the readings. Good notes will also really help you with the 2 essays. The midterm was straight forward and easy based off of the study guide. The 2 essays are basically graded off of the fact that you turn in a draft and your TA tells you to change what you need to change in order to get a good grade. Listen to your TA because they are the ones who are grading your work.

If you're looking for an easy GE that also fulfills your writing 2 requirement, then I highly recommend this class!

Nov. 28, 2012
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