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CHEM 30BL Submitted Jan. 5, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Selling Chemistry 30 BL study guide (used to get an A- in this class in Fall '13). The 15 typed page comprehensive guide includes discussion of key concepts, experimental techniques, summary of expected results and common questions/answers to typical quiz questions for each experiment. All information is easy to follow and organized by experiment name. Note: I did not attend a single lecture and relied solely on this.

Price - $20

Text (323) 402-9356 if interested.

Course not listed Submitted April 2, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

To do well in this class, you need to study for the quizzes each week fairly in depth. You need to start studying the packet of old finals immediately. You need to be able to do all of the IR and CNMR/HNMR problems perfectly in all of the old finals. If you do enough of them, it's pretty easy. It does not matter if the average for quizzes is 10/20. This is because grades are normalized for each TA. If your TA is harder than others, it will be reflected in the grade. You need to do well on the quizzes to distinguish yourself from others in the class. Lab write-ups, both post and prelabs are worth only 5 points each so I wouldn't spend too much time refining each lab write up. The final is composed of two parts. IR/CNMR/HNMR spectra analysis, which composes of about 1/3 of the final. And the rest is lab techniques and questions specific for each of the 8 labs you do. You should know the labs inside and out. Lab techniques you should pick up as you do the labs. He hints at certain tricks during lecture. The most important lecture is the esterification lab. There's no procedure for this lab and he essentially tells you the procedure in lecture. You should know how to do every problem in the old test packet he has. I guess pretty challenging class. But you learn a lot about o-chem.

CHEM 30BL Submitted July 23, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

First thing's first. If 30AL is a 1 on the effort scale, 30BL is a 10. You would think it was a 6 credit course, but it’s only 3 credits. I would recommend taking 30B before taking this class because you will need to know NMR and IR spectroscopy inside-out, and you just don't have enough time in a quarter to learn it well enough for Bacher's taste (unless you have no life). As a warning, this class requires A LOT of time. For most weeks, you will have to:

1) Write your Prelab in your lab notebook by hand. The main bulk of points in this assignment comes from the Prelab questions, so make sure you ask your TA/Bacher for clarification. This may also involve the SPARTAN molecule visualization program, for which you will probably need to go to the CS computer lab in your own time to finish, since you get less than an hour to work on it during labs. Because you aren't allowed to take your lab manual into the lab, you will need to write out your whole procedure in your Prelab. Each Prelab is worth 5 points.

2) Write your Postlab in your lab notebook by hand. The majority of points in this comes from the Discussion. You will need to know each lab technique well to explain why your experiment didn't obtain a yield similar to the literature yield (which you probably never will get). You are also graded on the quality and quantity of product you made, so if you didn't get a good result in lab, you're not going to do very well on this. Hint: be good friends with someone who can make high quality products. Each Postlab is worth 5 points.

3) Do an online quiz, in which you have 4-5 answer choices. You will have to select all the correct answers, which is sometimes difficult as there are some answers that seem right and some that don't. I would advise having a friend do this with you, with one submitting the quiz before the other to see how many incorrect answers he/she had, then alternating roles the next week. The answers to the quiz are not posted after the quiz is completed (sadly), and you will have to go to Bacher's office hours to get them. Each online quiz is worth 10 points.

4) Study for your in-lab quiz. Not only will you need to read the green lab manual, but you will have to go through the orange survival kit. Know everything in there by heart, because some questions can be hard. I cannot stress enough how difficult some quizzes can be. You can drop one quiz score. Each in-lab quiz is worth 20 points.

5) Study for the Final Exam. Start studying from the beginning of the quarter. Some experimental questions on the exam are a bitch to do, and you will have had to memorize all facets of the experiments done, plus more.

To do well in 30BL, you must go to Bacher’s office hours. He will straight-up tell you the answers to his online quiz questions if you ask him, so it would be stupid not to attend. You can also ask him for help on the Prelab questions, and he will generally provide helpful hints or even the answer. He likes to make fun of people if they raise up questions he deems stupid, but he’s generally good-natured, so don’t take it personally.

In the lab, the biggest constraint on time is the shared equipment. You can wait anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes just for the people in front of you to finish using the rotary evaporator, so study the lab manual well before so you aren't lagging behind everyone else. You will also spend 5-10 minutes in line waiting for scales if you’re not fast enough. As you can see, slow experimenters are not rewarded in this class. You will get docked half of your evaluation grade (10 points) if you stay even 1 second after the lab ends, so you must budget your time accordingly. Stay 10 minutes after lab ends and you get no points towards your evaluation grade.

One thing I must emphasize is that the TA has absolute reign over half of your grade. Some TAs will barely even look over your Prelabs and Postlabs, while some will grade it with the utmost scrutiny and give you a shitty grade, even if you think you did well. Some will also give you very tough quizzes. If you have a difficult TA, you’re not going to have a fun time. While the grades from the Prelabs, Postlabs, and in-lab quizzes are curved, don’t slack off. There’s always some asshole who fucks the curve over.

Personal pointers:

1) Use acetone instead of water to wash your equipment, since it dries quickly. The only exception is when there are inorganic compounds that can’t be washed off with acetone, in which case you wash it first with water, then with acetone.

2) Have a separate beaker in which you put all your waste liquids and solids, since you aren’t allowed to dump any of it in the sink (this isn’t 30AL and you will get marked off).

3) Know which beakers and flasks you’ll need in the lab and how soon you’ll need it. Time management is key.

4) Take a little more of the pure product that the TA provides than you’ll need and (surreptitiously) store it in your lab drawer. Since you’ll need to use the products you’ve made as reactants in the next lab, your purity will obviously go down, which will lower your Postlab grade. Some experiments use the same reactant as previous labs. You can see where I’m going with this.

5) The in-lab quiz is worth 20 points. The Prelab and Postlab are only worth 10 points. Get your priorities straight, so don’t spend hours upon end on the Prelabs and Postlabs if you haven’t studied for the quiz yet.

6) Get a friend in this class that actually tries hard. Not even kidding on this one. You will save loads of time on the online quizzes, Prelabs, and Postlabs.

If this review hasn't scared you off, good luck. Bacher's a pretty cool guy to talk to, but unfortunately his coolness doesn't extend to the pile of work he’ll have you do.

Course not listed Submitted July 30, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

I took 30Bl and 30Cl with Dr. Bacher. For those of you who are complaining about 30Bl, you have seen nothing yet.

30Cl is the hardest and most demanding course I took at UCLA in my 4 years as a Biochem major. Dr. Bacher is not a bad teacher at all. It's true that his accent is very difficult to understand, and I found it helpful to not look at him while he's speaking because it helped me concentrate on what he's saying. Bacher is always available in his office to help you, and will answer any questions you have. Sometimes when you ask a dumb question, he'll just roll his eyes but still answers your question. This class is time consuming and stressful as H E LL, but I came out of the class learning so much more than I expected to. That's what he wants from his students. I suppose it's fair from a teacher's perspective. But it's tiring and stressful on our part as students. I freaked out so much in lab, especially when the reactions didn't go as planned. And for that, I got really bad TA evaluation. Just remember that in lab, never ever stress out or freak out because that will affect your TA evaluation. I got one grade lower because of that. And, it helps to find old lab reports from someone who took the class already. This class is like a rite of passage for Biochemistry major. If you finish this class, you are ready to graduate and enter the real world. haha.

CHEM 30BL Submitted Sept. 16, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

I heard from a lot of different people that he is hard and I somewhat agree with them. More is expected from the students here than in the previous chemistry labs. But the good thing is that he is very willing to help and is pretty good at explaining things inside and outside of class. Don't be intimidated by Dr. Bacher though he may sound a little mean (German accent). He is actually a great guy and I do recommend him. Look through the course readers he gives you and look at the practice tests. You should get an idea of how to study for this class from that. Just study diligently and you should be fine. Good luck.

CHEM 30BL Submitted Aug. 18, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

okey ahem goode morning, looks like haff o da class is still asleep somwhere, ai counted ve haf therty two people here out o sixty fife. so...nawt too much. welp okey cupple general things i wannta make comments bout:

(professor owns)

Course not listed Submitted June 25, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

This professor is really unique. Especially if you've had Johnny Pang, you will appreciate the change of pace. Bacher takes time to give everyone hints and tips about lab work, and if you pay attention, this class should be a breeze. I think I could've gotten a much higher grade if he spent more time teaching IR analysis.

As some people said, the quizzes ARE hard, but they are made by the T.A's, so don't blame Dr. Bacher. He is actually quite funny in his own way, especially when he tells you about fire-in-the-lab stories. "If you leave zee eesaa (ether) on zee hot plate, you're going to have a nice FIAHH (fire)" ....cracked me up every time.

Give him a break, it may be hard to earn a great grade, but I think this class is great preparation for things to come. He takes labs seriously, and goes around to each lab section and helps each student individually. I've never had such a dedicated lab professor. Take him! Don't be afraid.

Course not listed Submitted July 28, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

Lectures are not very helpful but office hours and workshops are. I was scared before the class when the quarter before 33% of the class failed. But it turned out to be not bad at all. He's very nice, very concerned, will explain until you understand. He just won't tolerate those who don't want to do the work but want to get A. Not a bad prof.

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 8, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

The class was hard...too hard for the number of units. The lab manual(which was written by Mouser) is weak and the lecture doesn't cover all the material needed so you have to do a lot of work on your own. However, Dr. Bacher is very fair and very accessable by office hours or email. If you're having a problem, he's totally willing to help and explain. The problem is not the professor here. The class in itself sucks, and needs a better manual.

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 19, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

Dr. Bacher is a great guy who really cares about students learning the material. He was always in his office available if you wanted to ask questions. He makes every effort to provide the students with the resources they need to figure out whats going on and is willing to explain all the concepts he wants you to know. My only caveat was the extreme difficulty of the final. There were simply too many questions to do in the amount of time provided. The wavenumbers on the multple IR spectra we were required to interpret were extremely difficult to read, making analysis next to impossible. Additionally, the instructions on portions of the final were inadequate so even if you knew the material, you would miss points. In short, know you spectra: IR, Proton, Carbon 13 etc. and you will succeed in this class.

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