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Easiness of class 3.6
Workload 3.8
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Helpfulness of professor 4.5
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PSYCH 110, taken Summer 2020 Submitted April 4, 2021 Grade Received: A-

Took him over the summer after taking this course with another professor and let me just say, what a breath of fresh air!! Highly recommend, he knows how to explain the material. Assignments and quizzes weren't too difficult, just review the PPT slides beforehand.

PSYCH 110, taken Spring 2021 Submitted June 16, 2021 Grade Received: P

Andrew has to be one of the best column A professors that UCLA has. He's super fair with the exams and listened to students and was willing to give everyone points for exam questions that were confusing/more than one answer. The class is asynchronous which makes it easy to fall behind so try to stay on top of the lectures. The assignments seem tedious but they help sooo much. I failed one of the exams and still ended up with an A- because I got 100% on all the assignments (they really help!) At the end of the quarter, he gave a breakdown of everyones grade in the class and 76% of students got As! No one failed the course. Andrew wants everyone to succeed. It seems like he only teaches this course in the Spring or summer so I recommend waiting to take it with him.

PSYCH 110, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Oct. 20, 2019 Grade Received: A

One of the best professors I've ever had at UCLA. His midterm averages were around the low 90s

PSYCH 110, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 13, 2019 Grade Received: C

The professor seems that he enjoys the material that he teaches. He knows what he is talking about and always answers questions that students ask.
I got a C because I underestimated how hard the material would be for the first exam and quizzes. It definitely is better to overprepare for the first exam that way you know how those are structured. Once you understand the material from the first exam, everything else will be a little easier.
Quizzes were different from TA to TA but it seems that they are all equal in how hard they are. Study for those since the final quiz score will be the same as a 4th exam.
If you study from the slides, you will be fine. Go to the professor's office hours and to the TA's office hours if you can, they will explain with more detail the information from the lecture and will be easier to grasp the material.
The professor is very supportive, he makes time to meet outside his office hours if you need to.
Don't buy the book, you can get an A from just going over the slides.
If you have time, read the book for better understanding, but you don't really need it.

Overall, you can get an easy A if you study enough and ask for clarification on the material. Study and you will be fine!

PSYCH 110, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 8, 2019 Grade Received: A+

Probably one of the best professors you can take for PSYCH 110:

- Gives very clear lectures which his exams very directly test (no surprises if you study the slides well).
- Clearly very smart. Easily understands and answers students questions.
- Very kind and accommodating. Let me reschedule an exam for a medical school interview. Extremely kind in communication over email and in person.
- Genuinely a good guy. I asked about my score on an exam I did well on and he was smiling as he told me.
- Generous grading. Gave everyone 100% on a quiz that was missed due to class cancellation from fires. set >90% as an A (as opposed to >93%) following student suggestion.

If you have the chance to take PSYCH 110 with Wikenheiser, do it. From reading reviews of other professors for this course, Wikenheiser seems to the best.

PSYCH 110, taken Spring 2021 Submitted June 25, 2021 Grade Received: A

I took this class online during Spring 2021, and Prof. Wikenheiser was truly a breath of fresh air after a whole year of online learning. He was super great at explaining difficult (and somewhat boring, at least to me) material and making his lectures engaging despite them being recorded. His exams were multiple choice and T/F exams on CCLE and I thought they were really fair- if you studied, you should do well! His exam review sessions before the exams were also really helpful- pay attention to what he says to focus on/review because he's dropping a lot of hints about what the test questions will be on. He was also really understanding and reasonable with test questions that were confusing in the wording and/or had low performance- he dropped a few questions that we did badly on because he said it must mean that he didn't cover it well enough in class (I've never had any other professors do this before and was genuinely moved T___T). Overall, I thought he was a great professor and would definitely recommend taking the class with him if you have to take this class!

PSYCH 110, taken Spring 2021 Submitted April 21, 2021 Grade Received: N/A

This professor talked about EVERYTHING abstractly. All you learn about is CS, US, CR, etc and all he talks about is cs this and cs that, he doesn't bring real life meaning to what he talks about so it's very difficult to grasp what he says as he says it because you're busy going back to what does Conditioned stimulus mean, and what does that one mean before you click the info together. On top of that everything we are leaning is super boring, nothing exciting or extraordinary. Super basic, it felt like a math class, but never referring to real things, again all abstract.

PSYCH 110, taken Spring 2021 Submitted June 14, 2021 Grade Received: A

Professor Wikenheiser is literally the only professor I would take 110 with. I tried to take 110 with Fanselow in the fall and I almost fell asleep immediately after watching his lecture videos. Wikenheiser is extremely clear about the material and has a fun personality that makes the class more enjoyable. The concepts are a little abstract, but I think that is the case for any professor teaching this class. Professor Wikenheiser gives lots of examples for every single topic in the course (sometimes making the lecture recordings longer in the process) just to give as many different examples of a topic to ensure that students understand what is going on. No extra credit, 4 homework assignments that were fair if you were up to date on lecture (10 points each, 40 total) and 3 Exams (30 points each, 90 total). The exams were open note and as long as you understood the lecture videos there were NO CURVEBALL QUESTIONS. Some professors test your ability to memorize a slide or even worse, interpret a test question instead of testing understanding. Wikenheiser was amazing and if you knew the material, the exams were a reflection of the lectures. I waited all year to take 110 in my last quarter so it could be with Wikenheiser and it was definitely worth it, one of the best column B professors for Psych.

PSYCH 110, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 17, 2019 Grade Received: A

I've heard horrible things about Psych 110, but Dr. Wikenheiser made this class feel very doable. His lecturing style is very clear and organized and he makes the complex experiments so much easier to understand. While the exams are only 25 MC questions, so you really can't mess up, they're pretty fair. The averages were in the 80's.
That being said, the class wasn't a total breeze. There was never really a chance to slack off because we had weekly quizzes, and while they were mostly not bad, you actually do have to study for them. The material is also incredibly dry: one of the few psych classes at this school I did not enjoy. But if you have to take it, take it with Dr. Wikenheiser!

PSYCH 110, taken Winter 2019 Submitted June 26, 2019 Grade Received: A+

i highly recommend him!!! def one of the easiest A+ 's I've gotten at this school. he's sweet, kind of reminds me of dr. tomiyama for those who have taken psych 150! i do have to say that his office hours didn't really help so no one goes, BUT an A+ is an A+ so i'll take it.

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