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Music and Religion See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 2.4 Workload 2.6 Clarity 3.0 Helpfulness 3.6

Most Helpful Review

Love, love love this class. Why?

If you go to class (extra credit points) + do a project at the end you will get an A+. Seriously, you learn a lot and get to do a project on whatever religious ceremony you want to.

Professor is fair, and such a sweet lady and honestly I wish every class was like this at UCLA.

(July 8, 2007)
Anthropology of Music See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 2.3 Workload 2.2 Clarity 2.3 Helpfulness 3.3

Most Helpful Review

While she seems like a very nice woman, who has had an interesting life her lectures are almost intelligible. I cannot understand 80% of what she says in class, and this is not for the lack of trying. When I ask her questions she doesn't understand what I am asking and gives me answers that are not helpful.

2 essay tests and a fieldwork project (6-8 pages + in class presentation)

Don't be afraid to take her, she is pretty easy, kind, and interesting, but don't go out of your way to take her class, it was not interesting or fun and I was very interested in the subject matter before hand.

(Nov. 14, 2006)
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