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PSYCH 127 Submitted April 29, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Best professor at UCLA hands down. I wish all my professors were like him then my life would be amazing.
You have to come to class since he has unannounced quizzes, so you have to stay on top of material. But it was actually the highlight of my week to go to his classes since you basically laugh the majority of the time! For the exams know EVERYTHING from the review session and if he says some questions are easier to understand if you read the book, read that part of the book for that topic. (rent the book from amazon much cheaper, unless ur super into child psych and want to use it as a reference in future)
But as long as you know the review session you are good.
He makes the class really interesting and I don't really get how people managed to get less than an A in the class in all honesty. You can't have the attitude it is "easy" you still have to study but he makes it easier for you to study since he tells you everything that is going to be on the exam during the review. Some questions can be a little tricky but as long as you remember the key symptoms like for ADHD diagnostics you should be able to rule out certain alternatives.
Many people say 135 with Lieberman is super easy but I actually thought this class was easier than that in that it was more straightforward, and most test questions are pretty obvious answers. whereas 135 has scenario questions that sometimes aren't clear.
Anyway Chorpita made me want to become a child psychologist after taking this class, and it is really useful knowledge to have if you are ever around kids, or plan to be a parent in the future. It does say something about the teacher when I still remember the majority of the things I learned in the class whereas with other classes I forget everything after the exam.
Something EXTREMELY important to keep in mind it is REALLY good to try to score incredibly high on the midterm and quizzes basically 98%, depends on curve, if you do you may have an AWESOME reward in addition to letter of recommendation coupon at the end of quarter, I don't want to reveal what since I don't want him to stop doing it but it was extremely worth it, I got an A+ in the class.

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