Linear Algebra and Applications

Ciprian Manolescu

Linear Algebra and Applications

Mathematics department

Ciprian Manolescu

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Overall 4.5
Easiness of class 2.0
Workload 1.8
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.2
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Helpfulness of professor 4.2


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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 7, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

I took Math 33AH with Manolescu, and liked the class so much that I took course 100 with him again (and I'm not even a math major.)

This guys has all the qualities of a good professor:
1. He is insanely smart... or at least smart enough to write three perfect papers on the IMO and be a three-time Putnam fellow.
2. His lectures are very organized and complete, so you don't have to study a lot outside of class. He has a decent sense of humor too.
3. Gives hard homework problems, but the exams are SUPER easy. Also, the curve is incredibly generous so you'll probably end up with an A as long as you put effort into the assignments and have a reasonable understanding of the material.
4. It doesn't hurt that he's a nice guy who is willing to write you recommendation letters, either.

So... if you ever get the chance to take him, you probably should.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 3, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

The honor class is small and there is a lot of personal attention, but you are competing with some of the smartest people at UCLA for a good grade. He is generous with the grading but everyone in the class probably got A's in their prior math classes. Only take if you can challenge the best students at UCLA. There are a lot of proofs on the homework, but thats expected of an honors class.

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