Differential Equations

David Weisbart

Differential Equations

Mathematics department

David Weisbart

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Spring 2014

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 26, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Selling Multivariable Calculus by Rogawski for 32A/32B and Differential Equations for 33B. Message me at Andeerskin@ucla.edu for more info.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 22, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

David is Boss.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 22, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

He's definitely one of the better lecturers in the math department. His tests are fair and he's not really in the business of tricking you. He posts sample test that are helpful but he doesn't post answers so unless if you seek help to find answers, you won't know if you did the problems correctly or not. He has two grading scales, the first one being the normal (homework, two midterms, and final all contribute to the final grade) and the other option having the final be your final grade. The flexibility is nice.

If you ever try to visit him in office hours, forget about getting any problems done. The dude loves to share. (Which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing, just be prepared to be there a long time) He's not very good at responding to emails but just send him a repeat reminder and he'll respond.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 25, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

He's the most amazing teacher ever, he's young and brilliant, and he loves teaching, loves being there. It really shows! I usually don't feel much for math but this guy seriously changed the way I felt about the course. His office hours are also very open and he's willing to help, as long as you show that you care about learning.

And he made lower division feel so alive, his upper divs must be even better! His tests (some say easy) prove that he knows EXACTLY what you should have learned from this class, no BS or anything like some other profs..

I second the other commentor, he would enhance the quality and power of UCLA's mathematics department BY FAR.

They NEED to bring this guy back with a full time position, instead of this adjunct, temporary crap.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 31, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

He's a great professor and great guy. Definitely my favorite in the math department so far. He truly cares about student learning and is an easy going professor who also grades rather easily. His classes always have a 100% final option, but midterms are easy so you don't have go for that option although the final isn't bad at all. The median for our first midterm was 87% and median for second was 85%. His midterms are ridiculously easy for lower div math classes you are probably used to. And with some studying both his midterms are ace-able.

He also gives out an extraordinary numbers of A's! I know people who had Cs and Bs going into the final and got an A in the class by doing well on the final which was totally doable. Though his true/false questions on final were killers (each true/false question was almost 4% of your final which is also your final grade!)

Though he is an effective professor, you really shouldn't go to his office hours. He is helpful, but he likes to talk... A LOT. Often talking about his passion for math that is rather irrelevant to the issues the gang of students that are always there to ask questions. It's interesting to hear him talk, but you get frustrated when you can't ask questions because he is going off tangent. You will probably need to wait a good hour just to talk to him and even then you might have to come back at a later time.

All in all, this guy is legit. If you can take him, you are sure to love his class. He is teaching 131A Spring 2011 and there are ridiculous numbers of people trying to get into his class. His classes are sure to fill up the fastest at any quarter so be on the lookout! However, I heard he's is not teaching after this quarter, hopefully UCLA doesn't let him go.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 30, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Weisbart us a great professor. He really cares about how the students are doing. When I took the class, he gave "pop-quizzes" every once in a while. Eventually, it got to the point where he would tell us what was going to be on the quiz so that we could prepare for it in advance. Overall, the class wasn't too difficult, but it wasn't a breeze either. As long as you understand the material, you should be fine. He doesn't like to put ridiculously hard problems on the midterms and finals, he just wants to test your basic understanding. The exams might be computationally intense though.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 4, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

The reviews you read about professor weisbart are mostly true, he is a very good math teacher. I think i personally like the 33 series more that 31 and 32, but weisbart is a good professor. the means on his midterms were mid 80s, and he has a 100% final grading scheme if you mess up once. he claims his collegues thought that his second midterm would be too hard for his class to handle, and they thought the mean was going to be around the 60s. the mean was actually 83, i don't know if he said that to make it seem like hes a good teacher, or he actually is a good teacher, but i'm not complaining. bottom line: take him over any other teacher. period.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Feb. 22, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Weisbart truly is the best math professor you will ever have! For the first time since I was in grade school I really enjoyed math because I felt like I actually understand it. He really stresses learning concepts. Unlike previous math classes I've taken, I actually feel like I'm taking with me some valuable knowledge. I learned what things really mean instead of just how to solve unnecessarily hard or tedious problems that I will probably forget instantly. He never tries to trick his students on the exams. I would guess that he probably gets in a lot of trouble with the math department for giving out to many A's because the means for the exams are very high. But more importantly, he probably doesn't care because he wants everyone to do well.

He is super chill. Definitely, go to office hours. Beware, he will talk to death but it hard to mind when he's so nice! I swear, some people just go to office hours to hang out with him. I remember once when I went and there was a student behind his desk, at his computer, just playing mindsweeper. =] He will really go out of his way to help his students. Because he teaches multiple classes I remember him staying on-campus all day to hold reviews sessions and cater to any question.

I had him for 33a and 32b and enjoy his class so much I'm thinking of taking his 131a class even though I don't even need it!

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Feb. 12, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

The best math professor at UCLA, period. Knows how to teach the material and cares that his students actually understand it. Definitely pick him if you ever get the chance to take one of his classes.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Feb. 12, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

You should definitely take him if you have the chance. His class is hard, but you learn a lot and he's a fair grader. As long as you put in a lot of effort and try your best, he'll be concerned about you doing well in his class. Go to his office hours--he's very helpful. Dave is definitely a professor that goes above and beyond to make sure his students succeed. I had him for two quarters. When I took 33B, I got an F on the first midterm, but I asked him for help and I ended up getting a B in class. If you really want to learn math with a great teacher, I highly recommend taking this class.

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