Differential Equations

Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Enforced requisite: course 31B with grade of C- or better. Highly recommended: course 33A. First-order, linear differential equations; second-order, linear differential equations with constant coefficients; power series solutions; linear systems. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Fall 2019 - WARNING: Professor Karthik is a weeb that likes One Punch Man! Jokes aside, Professor Karthik gets a lot of slack for being a "bad lecturer" and a person who focuses more on conceptually understanding the material rather than simply applying techniques to solve problems. I found his approach to be, while sometimes overbearing, more helpful in the long run than other math professors. Your grade will consists primarily of homework, two midterms, and one final, all of which will be posted on Gradescope. The homework consists of textbook problems and his own personal problems; the textbook problems will be a breeze, while his problems will require a bit more thinking. His midterms are mostly easy computational problems with a few problems testing your conceptual knowledge. His final is also similar, but consists of more conceptual problems; none of his exams are super difficult, but it wouldn't be fair to say that they are a breeze either. Karthik's method of lecturing initially began with lecturing on the blackboard, but he switched to slides after our review and inputs, which worked out much better. He does go a little too quickly with his slides, but asking him to go a few slides back will generally get him to slow a bit. Other than that, his lectures are fairly standard; they get the material across, and that's about it. You learn. That's what you're here for anyways. Overall, Karthik left a really bad impression in his first few weeks, but improved immensely over the next few weeks, making him one of the few professors at UCLA that actually adapt to his students rather than the other way around. I suspect that he'll continue using slides in the future, and that he'll mellow out and became a better lecturer by next quarter. I would rate him a 3/5 overall for now, but note that he will probably become better as time goes on. PS: Karthik really cares about his students, but he does send out a rather excessive amount of emails pertaining to important information. Prepare your inboxes to be spammed (but do read the emails, they're usually helpful.)
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