Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields

Ferdinand Coroniti

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields

Physics department

Ferdinand Coroniti

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Overall 3.1
Easiness of class 1.7
Workload 2.7
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.1
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 3.2


  • Tolerates Tardiness
  • Needs Textbook
  • Tough Tests
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Spring 2017

Grade distributions are collected using data from the UCLA Registrar’s Office.

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Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted Oct. 4, 2018 Grade Received: A-

Super amazing professor.
His tests are pretty much just harder versions of the examples he does in lecture/hw.
He really really really enjoys using calculus and asking what would happen if a variable was taken to be zero or infinity.
I fell asleep in class a lot, but thankfully I got the in class examples somewhat ok in my notes so there's that.
Highkey had like a C- until the final.
By the final, you should know what he's gonna ask so you should be able to do well on the final.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted July 5, 2018 Grade Received: A

Coroniti is a kind professor and really wants questions (although most of the time nobody will ask any). He understands this stuff like the back of his hand and it'll be easily apparent when he walks into class with no notes and goes on for 50 minutes about physics. Some days he will have demonstrations showing frequency or electricity or magnetism which are interesting because you don't always get to see what you learn shown in real life. He must find himself to be a scientific historian because he'll occasionally throw in some science trivia about the person or the discovery which I found interesting. The lectures can get long and full of calculations that at the end of you somehow come away with a derivative. Take some time to review the concepts in these notes because they'll appear on the midterms or the final and it's nice to already be familiar with it when you have to study it for an exam. You'll learn a lot in lecture but it'll be hard to take in. There are a few suggested problems to do in the book (he likes to think of the book as a reference and not as a source) and you'll need Mastering Physics for homework. Spend some time practicing the problems in homework because the night before the test having to learn that concept from scratch because you plugged in the answers is rough.
Overall the class was relatively easy and studying with my friends helped me get through it.
Coroniti will send you an email with a memorization sheet (given on each exam) and a typed up page for what to expect for each question. The memorization sheet might make you think "Oh he's given us the formula, easy peasy, I don't have to memorize anything" but really he might ask for a formula from lecture or for a complete derivation on the exam (which might sound daunting but isn't really if you do it enough times), so don't count that out.
He lays out pretty clearly what he expects so just practice what he's given you, do some of the practice problems and look for similar questions in the book. Make sure you know EVERYTHING he puts down because on the exam he'll ask for the simple stuff and then have you do some more calculations to reach an answer. He will also sometimes give you the answer (you will need to show work) to double check with your answer.
I did really well on both midterms and all I did was study the sheet he gave us, some extra problems, and my notes. Do something similar and you should be successful, the averages were relatively low.
The statistics for the tests were as follows:
MT 1: AVG 57 STD Dev 20
MT 2: AVG 62 STD Dev 17
Final 127/225 STD Dev 43
I would recommend Coroniti as a professor despite what some of the reviews below have said. There's a high likelihood to do well in this class if you show up to class, take notes, practice and do the homework, and spend some time preparing for the exam with your friends. The only time I started to study was after he gave out the sheets for the tests, which admittedly isn't the best way to learn considering you're only focusing on some subjects, but I found it to be successful for the class.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted June 19, 2018 Grade Received: C+

Coroniti is really kind but his lectures are very proof based, and he does go through them VERY quickly so it can be hard to follow and understand. He also does go over things then says that they aren’t necessary. His tests are long, and although he sends a document before the exams stating the topic of each question, he does put twists on questions. The derivations required on the tests are more complicated than what he does in class and therefore take longer and are harder. I personally scored slightly lower on the first midterm and slightly higher on the second midterm than the average, but still got a C+. Good luck if you take him in the future.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2017 Submitted June 3, 2018 Grade Received: C-

Professor Coroniti is a terrible lecturer.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2017 Submitted July 7, 2017 Grade Received: B+

Lectures were extremely unclear and often irrelevant. What makes the exams doable is the study guides that are overly specific about what will be about the exams which makes it easier for us to study but on the flip side isn't the best way to learn material in my opinion. Definitely would not take him again.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2017 Submitted June 27, 2017 Grade Received: B+

I loved Dr. Coroniti. Everything about his class was very clear and well-organized. The material is hard, but he sends a study guide of all the material covered on each exam a week before the test. It literally tells you: "Question 1: Simple Harmonic Oscillator" and tells you exactly what you'll need to do, and he provides examples and practice problems from the book and homework. He tests a lot from his lectures though, and he doesn't use numbers so the problems feel more like proofs. He uses MasteringPhysics, so be prepared to pay for that. I really enjoyed his class and his lectures and I'm taking 1C with him next quarter!

Quarter Taken: Spring 2017 Submitted June 26, 2017 Grade Received: B

So, Coroniti uses Mastering Physics, so like be prepared to pay up for that. Besides, the homework is actually useful for the tests, not the easy numerical questions, the tougher symbolic questions definitely help you develop the thought process you need.

I barely attended half of his classes, but I probably should have. His class is very proof based and so are his tests. The midterms definitely have a time crunch and the questions he asks in the tests are much harder than the ones he mentions in the study guides. It is super important to go over the proofs of the things he mentions in class, since all the questions are variations on that.

I think studying regularly and understanding what he teaches is necessary to do well, he isn't very interesting and he does keep a brisk pace. I personally would not want to take another class with him, but it is 100% possible to do well. It requires a lot more effort than one would prefer, though.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2017 Submitted June 22, 2017 Grade Received: C

Professor Coroniti doesn't do a good job of explaining the material. I spent most of the quarter confused, and hardly of the questions he answered clarified much. Many of his answers to questions were "Because it is" rather than trying to explain it differently. He has a very mathematical approach to everything, and some of the math is more advanced that most of the class has seen. He gives pretty detailed study guides to his exams, but regardless the exams are pretty tough. He's a good professor to take if you've seen the material before (in AP physics or retaking the class), but its quite overwhelming if it it the first time around.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Feb. 26, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Coroniti is really big on proofs. Around 2 classes before the midterms and finals, he will take about 15-20 minutes in class to talk about exactly which topics will be on the test. He literally says: #1 involves a spring and a mass. know how to...etc. If you study what he tells you to study, you will do fine on his tests. As low as the average is, study what he tells you to and you will do well.

Obviously, people who don't give him a good rating didn't attend his lectures, seeing how they say the tests were "extremely hard". You'll score a few points above the midterms if you do so.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 21, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

So..for about the first 2-3 weeks, I had no idea what was going on in the class! For some reason Coroniti thought it would be fun to give us proofs out of our ass..that after 15 minutes, he would tell us we would not even have to know! However, after a fear of failing..I studied my ass off for the first midterm and surprisingly did really good! The average was 48/100 and I got a 59..Despite his rampant proofs, Coroniti is really nice, and begs (literally) for questions during lecture. He also tells you exactly what types of problems are going to be on the tests and he really guides your studying so that you can study efficiently. He did not recommend us to do random practice problems, like we did in I didn't! The lectures get SO much better after the first midterm once you get into Electric fields and Gauss's Law and Electric Potential. They really helped, especially with example problems. The second midterm was fair as well, however I underestimated the difficulty of Taylor series expansions which were a significant part of the grade. The test was also way to long for a 50min class! The average was a 55/100 and I got a 51 (& the graders are GREAT with partial credit). The last stretch of material, circuits and magnetic fields are surprisingly really interesting (despite having to use torque again). He once again told us all the types of problems that were going to be on the final. And for all of his tests he recommends doing all the homework problems as practice problems (which i think helped)..The final was hard as shit though (but doable), he somehow made a vertical mass on a spring hard as hell! But in general, if you studied well, one could literally get more than half credit on each problem. And some of them were so reminiscent of previous midterm problems but with a slight twist they were still okay. Some of the problems were daunting at first, but after sitting and thinking about them, you could definitely have a couple of epiphanies during the final. I ended up with a B in the class (and i hate physics with allll of my heart & soul)..Even though i think I should have got a B+!

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  • Tolerates Tardiness
  • Needs Textbook
  • Tough Tests
  • Useful Textbooks

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