Advanced Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology of Cell Nucleus

Frank Laski

Advanced Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology of Cell Nucleus

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology department

Frank Laski

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted April 24, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

I took Dr. Laski's LS4 class (wasnt an option in the drop down menu). He is one of the best lecturers at UCLA. Although he may go fast at times he is very organized with how he approaches the material. He uses clickers which are very helpful when you need to review the notes. His podcasts were essential to doing well in the class.

This class boils down to whether or not you did enough problems. He has taught the class for years so he knows how twist a concept around to make it seem unfamiliar. People that complain about this simply aren't ready for the test.

Do as many problems as you can and focus a lot on his practice tests that he gives and you can get an A.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 18, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

I took LS4 with Professor Laski. He's really easy to understand and explains the material really thoroughly. Honestly, I probably would have skipped class all the time if he hadn't required us to buy clickers, but I'm glad I went to class. I was really skeptical about the clickers at first, but the questions he asked were really good preparation for types of things he asked on his exams. His exams were VERY doable. I actually forgot to make a cheat sheet (1 page of notes allowed) for the first exam but I didn't find myself even needing one. This is because the class is more about problem solving and critical thinking than memorizing concepts (in contrast to the other LS classes). I had Ron as a TA and he is amazing! A good TA will definitely help you, so shop around and attend other discussions if you need it. Bottom line: I learned a ton in this class and it was pretty easy. Laski is effective.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 26, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I took Laski for LS4 and he was pretty fair. To do well, you don't have to read the book- just go over his lecture slides. If you understand all the concepts on there and if you know how to do every question on his slides, you will be relatively prepared. TA questions are also essential. I had Michaela and she was an awesome TA. Her questions really emphasize the tricks that Laski can put on the test. If you are one of those people that feel they need to do more, you can go ahead and do the book problems. However, for this LS4 course, they were unnecessary. I did all of them and they were always ten times harder than what Laski gives you. My advice is to skim them and look at the answers. If you understand the thought process on how to do them, you should be fine. Do his practice tests too since they are a fair measure of how difficult his midterms will be. Overall, this was a very doable class and not time-consuming at all. I didn't even go to clinics and although I didn't own every test, I knew how to do each problem in hindsight.

Basically, take Laski if you can for LS4. He emphasizes important concepts so you don't waste your life memorizing useless details and his exam questions are fair and straightforward.

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