Mary Eshaghian

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Logic Design of Digital Systems See Full Profile

Overall 1.5 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.2 Clarity 1.8 Helpfulness 2.2

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS. You will learn nothing from her lectures. THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN SOMETHING IN CLASS IS TO READ THE BOOK. I, personally, read the entire book. That is the only reason why I got an A in this class. Otherwise, her lectures are a plain waste of time. Besides, her quizzes are just silly and ridiculous. She gets carried away sometimes, speaking of her personal life. Also presentations at the end of the quarter are stupid because no one prepares anything useful and you end up sitting there browsing the web on your laptop. Just buy a book other than the one she assigns. Because that one won't teach you anything as it is a reference book, and NOT a coursebook. Care about the material? Don't take her. Waste of time. Good luck! Btw, her exams are really difficult.

(Nov. 15, 2010)
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